Musicnotes Signature Artists

Musicnotes is excited to announce the addition of Signature Artists to our sheet music catalogue. These unique sheet music arrangements feature popular songs and original compositions from prominent YouTube musicians. From virtuosic piano to Fingerstyle guitar and beginner tutorials, you'll find the perfect piece of sheet music to print, play and master.

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Featured Signature Artists

Guus Music

Musicnotes Signature Artist Guus Music brings us an expressive fingerstyle guitar cover of this captivating tune from the hit Netflix series "The Witcher". Get the sheet music, exclusively available from Musicnotes, and start playing today!

Patrik Pietschmann

Signature Artist Patrik Pietschmann presents his intricate and beautiful arrangement of "Into the Unknown" from Disney's 'Frozen 2'. Get the sheet music for this exclusive arrangement available from Musicnotes.

All Signature Artists

92 Keys

92 Keys produces unique and energetic violin and piano arrangements. Led by Trevor Loucks on the piano, 92 Keys latest project 'Spring of Fire' features nine-world class violinists including the touring violinists for The Eagles, Josh Groban, Simply Three, Trans Siberian Orchestra and others. Visit 92 Keys on YouTube.

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Aaron Willmon

Aaron Willmon has been playing and studying classical guitar since 2001. Recently, he began creating his own arrangements of his favorite music from movie soundtracks. You can find performances of his arrangements and other works on his YouTube channel. Visit Aaron Willmon on YouTube.

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Alan Ng

Alan Ng is a talented composer and arranger from Malaysia. Skilled in both the piano and violin, he is very passionate about sharing his love for music around the world. Visit Alan Ng on YouTube.

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Albert Gyorfi

Albert Gyorfi is a self-taught Fingerstyle Guitarist from Romania. His Youtube channel has reached over 100,000 subscribers, and more than 15M views on both his original music and his Worship/Pop/Anime/OST arrangements. One of Albert’s goals is to inspire and bring joy to his audience, through his music and videos. Visit Albert Gyorfi on YouTube.

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Aldy Santos

Aldy Santos is a classically trained pianist who composes, arranges and transcribes all types of piano sheet music. He holds a BFA Music Performance degree from Concordia University and his YouTube channel currently has over 20 million video views combined. Visit Aldy Santos on YouTube.

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Alex Millward

Alex Millward is an Australian Contemporary Piano Player, Arranger and Session Musician. He is currently studying music at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music and is planning to complete his Masters in Teaching shortly afterwards. Visit Alex Millward on YouTube.

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Allie Heard

Allie Heard began playing the piano at the age of 7 and has become a multi-genre pianist, composer, and arranger. She recorded her 1st CD at the age of 12 and hopes to be an influencer within the piano world. View her unique piano arrangements below. Visit Allie Heard on YouTube.

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Amosdoll Music (Amos To)

Amosdoll Music is a tutorial YouTube channel that teaches musicians how to play any song on the piano by ear. In addition to creating piano video covers of popular songs, Amosdoll provides further educational methods and services on their website Visit Amosdoll Music (Amos To) on YouTube.

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Amy Turk

Amy Turk is an arranger, composer, session artist and performer from the UK. She is the most-watched solo harpist on YouTube, attracting millions of views to her ever-increasing list of video uploads. With special interests in percussion, video game music, film music and popular music of all styles, Amy has created a unique career path through her presence online, pioneering arrangements for solo harp and ensembles. Visit Amy Turk on YouTube.

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Andrew Foy

Extremely talented and young guitarist Andrew Foy excels at fingerstyle guitar playing. His YouTube channel is home to over 850,000 subscribers with video views exceeding 85 million. Andrew posts videos of himself playing original covers of popular songs on the guitar using the fingerstyle technique. Visit Andrew Foy on YouTube.

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Andrew Wrangell

Andrew Wrangell is an Australian composer and piano arranger. Gaining his Associate diploma in piano performance at the age of 16, he studied composition at Queensland conservatorium. With fellow composer Samuel Dickenson, Andrew co-founded renowned YouTube piano channel Sheet Music Boss in 2017. Visit Andrew Wrangell on YouTube.

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Andy Feldbau

Juilliard graduate young Israeli pianist and composer Andy Feldbau has been an active figure in the music world. In recent seasons he has performed as a soloist with Stuttgart Philharmonic, Israeli Opera Symphony Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, The Jerusalem Camerata, Haifa Symphony Orchestra, LA Jewish Orchestra, and more. Andy has recently launched his first album with a very unique program of Gershwin: the complete arrangements of Earl Wild to the Music of George Gershwin. Andy is a classical pianist, however spends quite a bit of time to write virtuoso arrangements for piano solo of his favorite songs from the world of Disney, Broadway and the non-classical world. He will soon launch more arrangements for piano. Visit Andy Feldbau on YouTube.

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Anna Demis

Anna Demis is the most in-demand wedding and event pianist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, Entertainer of the year 2019, composer, and song arranger, she has performed at over a thousand weddings and events of different nationalities, including Indian, Emirati, Saudi, Sudan, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, British, Turkish, Armenian, Russian, etc. She did her own unique arrangements of various nationalities' songs and popular covers, which made her popular in the event entertainment industry of UAE. Visit Anna Demis on YouTube.

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Anthem Lights

At the heart of most success stories lies a framework of brand invention, the creation of a persona or x-factor that raises an artist above the noise. But for pop vocal group Anthem Lights, it’s reinvention that’s catapulted the talented foursome to over 147 million YouTube views and 1.4 million monthly listeners on streaming services. The indie group’s success is due in large part to the foursome’s vocal prowess (Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Spencer Kane and Joey Stamper are all exceptional singers), creative mash-ups and reinventions of pop hits and beloved hymns. Visit Anthem Lights on YouTube.

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Arrigo Martelli

Arrigo Martelli started playing guitar during childhood. At the age of 10 he was admitted to the Academy of Music, where he graduated with the highest degree in classical guitar. In addition to classical guitar, Arrigo also plays the electric and acoustic guitar and is a member of a number of musical groups. Besides being a musician and performer, he provides guitar instruction and works as a music teacher in Vicenza, Italy. Visit Arrigo Martelli on YouTube.

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ASongScout is a classically trained pianist from Ohio with a passion for creating vibrant and exciting piano covers that are challenging yet fun. Starting in 2010, his YouTube channel now has over 8 million views. Visit aSongScout on YouTube.

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AtinPiano is an incredibly talented pianist who specializes in covers of video game music and movie soundtracks. His real time piano performances blended with Synthesia overlays have made for visually stunning videos that have attracted millions of people all over the world. Visit AtinPiano on YouTube.

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Au is a tutorial channel driven by the talented pianist, composer and teacher, David Neyrolles. You can find him on YouTube here. Visit Au on YouTube.

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AyseDeniz Gokcin

AyseDeniz Gokcin is a world-renowned piano virtuoso hailing from Ankara, Turkey and based in London, UK. Her passion is to unite rock and classical audiences with her classical piano covers of rock songs from bands like Pink Floyd and Nirvana. Several of Gokcin’s YouTube video covers have gone viral, as well as climbed to the UK Top 10 Classical Charts. Browse AyseDeniz Gokcin's genre-colliding hits below. Visit AyseDeniz Gokcin on YouTube.

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Beall & Finch

Beall & Finch are a husband and wife guitar duo. Both are versatile, classically trained guitarists and certified guitar teachers who perform, record, write and arrange music in a variety of styles. They are based in Groningen, the Netherlands, and give in-person and Skype lessons. Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms, as well as on their popular YouTube channel. Visit Beall & Finch on Youtube. Visit Beall & Finch on YouTube.

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Bella & Lucas

1PIANO 2PEOPLE 4HANDS l DUET PIANO BELLA&LUCAS l Bella&Lucas upload cover videos by arranging songs of various genres such as K-pop, Pop, Jazz, Classical Music and New Age on YouTube. Our video will come up every thursday 8:00 p.m in KOR. time Visit Bella & Lucas on YouTube.

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Betacustic is a gifted, passionate musician and piano player who loves to be surrounded by the beauty and complexity of music. He lives in Sibiu, a small city in the middle of Romania (Europe) and his musical journey started 25 years ago, combined with hard work. His Youtube channel Betacustic gathers lots of music lovers and people interested in learning different songs on the piano. Download sheet music from Betacustic so you cand be part of this musical family as well. Visit Betacustic on YouTube.

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Bevani Flute

Bevani is a classically trained flutist who has broken free! She is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and teaches in-person and Skype lessons to students worldwide. Her YouTube channel has over 9 million views and you can find her music on both Amazon and iTunes. Visit Bevani Flute on YouTube.

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Beyond The Guitar

Under the name "Beyond The Guitar", Nathan Mills creates unique classical guitar arrangements of your favorite movie, television, and video game music. The quality and sheer beauty of Nathan's arrangements have made Beyond The Guitar one of the largest and fastest growing classical guitar channels. Visit Beyond The Guitar on YouTube.

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Bojana Jovanovic

Bojana Jovanovic is a professional violinist and music arranger originally from Kotor, Montenegro. Now based in Novi Sad, Serbia, she specializes in writing pop and rock arrangements for string quartets. Also channeling her abilities in piano and guitar, she has written over 400 hundred arrangements in the past 5 years. Visit Bojana Jovanovic on YouTube.

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Brass Against

Brass Against is collective of artists, led and curated by Brad Hammonds, who share in the goal of creating brass protest music that calls fans to action. We want the music we perform to sound inspiring and resonate with people’s emotions, encouraging them to act. Brass Against is exceptional music with a political edge. We are angry, we are inspired, we are ready for change—and we hope our music amplifies this energy in everyone who listens. Visit Brass Against on YouTube.

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Brendan Ross

Brendan Ross is a Musician residing in Pretoria, South Africa. He is primarily a Saxophonist, but also plays keyboards ,sings, produces and performs with many of the country's top artisits. He is also a sought after arranger for horn sections. Between 2000 and 2018 Brendan toured the world extensively with the late Johnny Clegg. In mid 2019 he started focusing on building a YouTube channel where he performs mostly covers on Saxophones. Later, he'll be sharing some original material. Visit Brendan Ross on YouTube.

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Brooklyn Duo

Brooklyn Duo is a husband and wife team creating unique and inspiring covers using the cello and piano. While they are successful in their respective instruments individually, they have achieved something arguably even more special together. The duo recorded a cover of Shakira’s empire in 2014 and quickly went viral after the pop sensation noticed their YouTube video. The talented pianist and cellist have since produced many more classical covers of popular songs and have now received over 65 million total views. Visit Brooklyn Duo on YouTube.

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Bryan Thompson

Bryan Thompson is young Rnb and Pop saxophonist. With social media views totaling over 10 Million, he as generated an audience that now embraces the instrumental approach to mainstream music. Be sure to check out his channel here: Visit Bryan Thompson on YouTube.

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BYU Noteworthy

BYU Noteworthy seeks to uplift people across the world with their voices. After more than a decade of producing highly acclaimed recordings, touring throughout the United States, appearing on NBC’s a cappella competition The Sing-Off, and winning the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, it is no surprise that this nine-voice, all-female ensemble has become one of the most popular a cappella groups in the nation. Visit BYU Noteworthy on YouTube.

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BYU Vocal Point

Vocal Point is Brigham Young University's world-renowned, Emmy Award-winning, nine-man contemporary a cappella group whose music been described to by some as "an optical illusion for your ears." Founded in 1991, Vocal Point's inventive style, innovative arrangements, and incredible vocal percussion continue to wow audiences everywhere. They have performed before millions on NBC's The Sing-Off and on their YouTube channel. Visit BYU Vocal Point on YouTube.

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Caleb + Kelsey

For married duo Caleb and Kelsey Grimm, inspiration is not only found in their love of performing and making music together, it’s their love of family. When they met, both were working on music of their own. Caleb is a founding member of pop vocal group Anthem Lights and Kelsey was signed to a record deal with Sony Music/Provident Label Group. As a married couple, Caleb and Kelsey originally started recording songs together for fun. Millions of views and downloads later, the duo has now landed the #1 position on the Christian iTunes charts multiple times and garnered a massive following. What started as a hobby has grown into a full-time pursuit. Visit Caleb + Kelsey on YouTube.

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Casper Esmann

The Danish virtuoso guitarist Casper Esmann is currently one of the most popular fingerstyle guitarists out of Scandinavia. Currently touring all over the world and with millions of streams on Spotify, Casper has established himself as one of the leading guitarists of his generation. Visit Casper Esmann on YouTube.

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CCMelodies is a Toronto-based musician who loves to find new ways to interpret and think about music. Constantly learning and looking to improve his skills, CCMelodies enjoys sharing his work with others, and hopes to inspire his audience to express themselves through music as well. Visit CCMelodies on YouTube.

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Easy and fun piano for everyone Visit ChaChaPiano on YouTube.

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Charles Szczepanek

A classically-trained and internationally-awarded pianist, Charles Szczepanek arranges virtuosic and advanced covers of movie themes, Broadway tunes, pop songs, and Christmas music. He also composes original solo piano music, inspired by the cinematic writing of John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer, and others. Living in Phoenix, Arizona, Charles is an active session musician, performer, concert presenter, and philanthropist. Visit Charles Szczepanek on YouTube.

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Charlie Kager

Charlie Kager lives in Burgenland and studied guitar and instrumental pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. He is a musician in several bands and has been teaching guitar for two decades. What's special about his style is that he makes a single guitar sound like a small band mixing classic techniques with pop, rock and jazz. You can find him on YouTube here. Visit Charlie Kager on YouTube.

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Chris Richter

Chris Richter is a classical guitarist known for his unique interpretations of popular songs--everything from AC/DC to Zedd--for the instrument. He has made arrangements of hundreds of songs and performs regularly around the Dallas-Fort Worth area Visit Chris Richter on YouTube.

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Chris Whiteman

Guitarist, Chris Whiteman’s music career has taken him throughout the U.S. and Europe, where he has performed on international stages and iconic clubs such as NYC’s Birdland. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in music from the University of Miami, and formally studied classical guitar at Virginia Commonwealth University. Chris is a former full time faculty member/acting director of jazz guitar studies at the University of Miami. He has written music for film, done sessions for major labels, and arranged extensively for solo jazz guitar. Visit Chris Whiteman on YouTube.

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Chrissy Ricker

Chrissy Ricker is a pianist, teacher, and composer who has written extensively for developing musicians. Her original piano music for students has been featured on the contest lists of teaching associations across the United States and Canada. Chrissy specializes in creating fun, accessible arrangements of pop, video game, and anime favorites for pianists at all levels. Visit Chrissy Ricker on YouTube.

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Christian Dülligen

Christian Duelligen is a German pianist, video producer and composer. He's producing LED-piano Videos for his Youtube Channel. His works include cover songs from popular film scores, pop bands, video games, classical music and various own compositions. At the moment he has more than 3.5 million views on his videos. Visit Christian Dülligen on YouTube.

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Christian Pearl (NPT Music)

Christian Pearl is a self-taught, British keyboard player and composer currently based in Spain. He works as a session keyboard player and records for artists all over the world from home. Pearl also composes his own music and currently has a solo album titled 'Reverence'. On top of it all, he maintains three successful YouTube channels: oysterlovers, pianoandkeys and New Piano Tutorials. In total, he has over 500,000 subscribers, and over 200 million views! Visit Christian Pearl (NPT Music) on YouTube.

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I grew up in the Chicago area, taking piano lessons since the age of 5. I studied piano, violin, and music education at the University of Iowa where I received my bachelor's degree. I also met my husband at the University of Iowa and we now have two boys with our third child on the way! We moved to Texas after graduating and I taught Orchestra in the public schools for 2 years. After having my first son, I wanted to be a stay at home mom as well as have my own piano studio. I currently teach private piano lessons as well as write my own arrangements for popular songs for my YouTube Channel. Visit Christina on YouTube.

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Christopher Davis-Shannon

Christopher Davis-Shannon multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, and educator based in Philadelphia. He maintains a steady tour schedule with his own music as well as a sideman for various acts bringing to the stage not just the pure joy of music, but a vast knowledge of the history behind the songs that he holds close to his heart. Visit Christopher Davis-Shannon on YouTube.

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Cole Lam

Cole is a young 12 year old pianist who has studied through normal piano lessons on classical pieces. In 2017, Cole joined Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock Musical starring on stage as Lawrence (the keyboard player) in London’s West End – performing in front of the royalty, TV and open stage festivals. This experience opened his eyes and ears to modern contemporary music. Since then, whilst Cole has continued his classical studies, now at Diploma level, he now creates his own arrangements of rock and pop classics – merging instrumentals and vocals into one piano cover. Cole also composes his own music, both classical and contemporary. His YouTube and Facebook videos of him performing his piano cover arrangements to the unsuspecting passersby on public pianos at train stations, shopping malls and department stores has brought him over 35 million views and over 65K subscribers in just 1 year. After many “where did you get your music sheets from?” requests for his piano covers – Cole is pleased to offer his arrangements on Music Notes. Visit Cole Lam on YouTube.

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Costantino Carrara

Costantino Carrara is a talented pianist from Italy. He began uploading original performances of his favorite arrangements on YouTube in 2011 and has since garnered over 450,000 subscribers and over 60 million views. Browse Carrara’s original covers of popular works below. Visit Costantino Carrara on YouTube.

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Craig Owen

Craig Owen is an International violinist, and composer and has released 6 solo albums to date, original works and covers for violin and piano. Since topping the U.K. Classical album charts, Craig has performed as a solo violinist in concerts all around the world. Download sheet music by Craig Owen. Visit Craig Owen on YouTube.

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Crista Guthrie

Crista Guthrie is a classically-trained violinist currently finishing her MM in Violin Performance Pedagogy at Arizona State University. She started playing the violin at age three and discovered a love for arranging and composing during early high school. She has had amazing experiences performing in Carnegie Hall and on stage with artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Josh Groan, The Piano Guys, Carrie Underwood, and William Joseph and is continuously inspired by many legendary artists from 1960's rock to modern day pop. Visit Crista Guthrie on YouTube.

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Daisuke Minamizawa

Daisuke Minamizawa is a solo acoustic guitarist and composer from Japan. His YouTube channels have over 60,000 subscribers and 18 million views. He has published more than 30 guitar score books in Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Visit Daisuke Minamizawa on YouTube.

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Danny Rayel

Danny Rayel is a young pianist, composer & arranger from Nicosia, Cyprus with educational background both in classical and contemporary music. He composes music for film, TV, video games and motion picture advertising campaigns but at the same time he enjoys creating piano arrangements in his channel with over 95.000 subscribers and about 15 million views. Visit Danny Rayel on YouTube.

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Dario D'aversa

Dario D’Aversa is a Piano Teacher, songwriter, and youtube creator, his channels: ‘Dario D’Aversa - Easy piano arrangements - sloweasytutorialsbydario’ are filled with Piano Tutorials of all kinds. His aim is to help as many people as he can to play the piano. Visit Dario D'aversa on YouTube.

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Daryl Shawn

Daryl Shawn grew up among Amish farms in rural Pennsylvania, studied classical and flamenco guitar in between jazz classes at Berklee College of Music, then moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, where he spent five years working on solo music before settling in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, he is celebrating the release of his 5th album, “Safe in Sound”, while continuing to book and play live shows all across North America. Visit Daryl Shawn on YouTube.

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David Kaylor

Talented pianist David Kaylor arranges a variety of covers for his fans to enjoy on YouTube and currently boasts over 3.5 million views. Many of his performances include his brother playing electric violin in addition to his skilled keys work. From movie and video game medleys to popular radio tunes, Kaylor covers them all. Visit David Kaylor on YouTube.

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David Magyel

David Magyel is a jazz pianist who arranges original covers of popular songs. In addition to covers, Magyel’s YouTube channel also features lessons for both intermediate and advanced jazz students, showing viewers how to play different scales and exercises to develop their skills further. Visit David Magyel on YouTube.

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Born in Turin, Italy; David started playing Piano at 14 years old, he moved in London 2012, and dedicates his life to composing music, busking in underground stations in London and playing concerts around Europe. Visit DAVID'S PIANOSOUND on YouTube.


Dax Andreas

Dax Andreas is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist, known for his unique guitar arrangements on Youtube. His style is defined by the use of alternate tunings and a wide variety of techniques such as percussion, harmonics and tapping. Visit Dax Andreas on YouTube.

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Dietmar Steinhauer

Dietmar Steinhauer is a pianist and composer from Cologne, Germany. He has been running his own music school for 30 years, which now has over 2,000 participants. He also arranges piano covers for many popular pop and film pieces on his YouTube. Visit Dietmar Steinhauer on YouTube.

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DJA28 is a classically trained pianist, composer, arranger, and transcriber from Canada. With a Bachelor of Music degree, he utilizes his solid technical foundation and musical sensibilities to deliver beautiful and engaging performances. His YouTube channel predominantly features piano covers along with a few other instrumental covers from a variety of genres; however, he is best known for his stirring renditions of his very own highly sought-after piano transcriptions of movie/TV soundtracks, video game music, and popular songs. Visit DJA28 on YouTube.

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Dominique Charpentier

Dominique Charpentier is a multi-instrument musician and composer from France. His work as an arranger is featured on his YouTube channel. Charpentier's piano arrangements and covers are now available on, including “Ophelia” by The Lumineers, “If I could Fly” by One Direction, “Westworld Theme” composed by Ramin Djawadi for the HBO Series 'Westworld' and many more. Having a predilection for piano, his focus on making an arrangement is always to create something fun and interesting to play, in one word: pianistic. Visit Dominique Charpentier on YouTube.

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DPSM (Yudi Hastono)

DPSM's YouTube channel features piano covers and synthesia tutorials of trending Billboard chart-toppers. In total, DPSM has over 30 million video views with several of his videos exceeding 1 million views. Visit DPSM (Yudi Hastono) on YouTube.

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DS Music

DS is a musician with a passion for the emotive power of music and sharing it with the world. His YouTube channel is dedicated to the highest quality piano performances and sheet music transcriptions. He specializes in music from popular video games, movies, and other media. DS also plays bassoon, clarinet, percussion, and recorder, while pursuing interests in composition, arrangement, production, and sound engineering. Visit DS Music on YouTube.

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Duo.Hansen is a violin and cello duo that specializes in virtuosic arrangements of film and television scores. Both Adam Hansen and Julia Hansen are classically trained performers and composers, and they are praised for their ability to maintain rich textures while reducing scores to just two instruments. With nearly 350,000 views on YouTube, they are dedicated to expanding the limited repertoire for violin and cello duos. Visit Duo.Hansen on YouTube.

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EasyGuitarTube is a YouTube channel run by multi-instrumentalist and composer Tomeu Alcover. Born in Spain and based in Sweden, with more than 20 years experience both as a professional musician and guitar/piano teacher, he decided to start the channel to share his guitar lessons and fingerstyle guitar covers. Be sure to check out his piano arrangements on his piano channel EasyPianoTube. Visit EasyGuitarTube on YouTube.

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In addition to being an outstanding pianist and accordion player, Jan Koláček is one of the most popular and sought-after music teachers in Prague, thanks to his teaching project. He creates tailor-made music arrangements for his students based on their music taste and playing capabilities. The students and followers appreciate that the arrangements are both comfortable to play and sound true to the original song. Visit on YouTube.

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EasyPianoTube is a YouTube channel run by multi-instrumentalist and composer Tomeu Alcover. Born in Spain and based in Sweden, with more than 20 years experience both as a professional musician and guitar/piano teacher, he decided to start the channel to share his piano lessons and arrangements. Don’t miss his guitar arrangements on his other channel, EasyGuitarTube. Visit EasyPianoTube on YouTube.

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Eddie van der Meer

Eddie van der Meer is a fingerstyle guitarist from the Netherlands. He specializes in guitar arrangements of anime, pop, and video game music, as well as many original compositions. Visit Eddie van der Meer on YouTube.

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Eduard Freixa

Eduard Freixa is an acoustic/electric violinist, producer and live performer from Barcelona. His powerful and expressive style, along with the ability to play a wide range of music genres, have garnered him more than 100,000 fans all over the world and more than 8 million views on his YouTube channel. Visit Eduard Freixa on YouTube.

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Eliab Sandoval

Eliab Sandoval is a 15 year old pianist from Colombia who specializes in unique arrangements of popular music. Be sure to check him out on YouTube here. Visit Eliab Sandoval on YouTube.

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Enrique Lázaro Gonzalvo

Enrique Lázaro Gonzalvo is a pianist, clarinetist, composer and engineer from Spain who creates piano arrangements of popular soundtracks, some of them combined with clarinet and orchestral samples. At the young age of 5 he began his musical studies and after 13 years he graduated with a degree in clarinet. His passion for music and piano led him to create a YouTube channel where he shares his arrangements with fans. Visit Enrique Lázaro Gonzalvo on YouTube.

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Epic Piano Arrangements

Peter Johnston is an Australian pianist, arranger, and piano teacher. He specializes in transcribing themes and songs from movies, video games and anime for concert performance, while keeping each song authentic to its original sound. The arrangements are generally scored for Grade 8 AMEB and above, to encourage professional pianists who may be looking for a stand-out performance piece. Visit Epic Piano Arrangements on YouTube.

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Erik C 'Piano Man'

Erik Correll is a Colorado based musician, who actively teaches, performs, and runs a growing Youtube channel where his arrangements and performances have been seen by millions. Classically trained and the first musician of his family, his goal is to show the power and diversity of the piano through his compositions, and unique arrangements of memorable tunes from all forms of media. Visit Erik C 'Piano Man' on YouTube.

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Eshan Denipitiya

Eshan Denipitiya is a Classically trained Virtuoso Pianist / Arranger and Improviser from Sri Lanka. He has been playing the piano for more than 16 years and is a multi-award winning pianist who takes popular songs and reimagines them with his own arrangements. Watch and listen as Eshan displays the true capabilities of the piano and transports you to his world of virtuosity. Visit Eshan Denipitiya on YouTube.

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Faith Marie

Faith Marie is an alt-pop singer/songwriter who began developing her skills at the age of 13, launching a successful YouTube channel that would attract over 80,000 subscribers over the next five years. Relocating to Los Angeles, her first singles included the moody piano ballad "Antidote," the orchestrally adorned "Little Girl," and the electronic-laced "Devil on My Shoulder," each dealing with themes of struggle, anxiety, and hope. Visit Faith Marie on YouTube.

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Felix Kurniadi

Felix Kurniadi is a talented pianist who arranges and improvises many popular songs. He began learning piano at age 4 and fell in love with the instrument. His passion is to share his music with the world. Be sure to check out Felix on YouTube here. Visit Felix Kurniadi on YouTube.

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Feng E

I am Feng E, play ukulele, guitar and electric guitar. Please accompany me on my music journey and support me in anyway you can. Visit Feng E on YouTube.

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Florian Mohr

Florian Mohr is a pianist and music teacher from Germany. He arranges creative piano covers of popular songs and medleys on his very successful YouTube channel with over 35,000 subscribers and millions of views. Additionally, his Pop Piano Course teaches subscribers to play piano by ear. Visit Florian Mohr on YouTube.

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Francesco Parrino

Francesco Parrino is an Italian singer, pianist, arranger and composer. His YouTube channel boasts over 150,000 subscribers with over 25 million views on both his original compositions as well as his creative radio and film piano covers. Visit Francesco Parrino on YouTube.

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Frank & Zach Piano Duets

Frank Tedesco & Zach Heyde (Frank & Zach Piano Duets) are a comedic piano duo on YouTube. Their videos combine virtuosic piano arrangements of music from video games and pop culture with wacky skits and flashy costumes. Visit Frank & Zach Piano Duets on YouTube.

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Frank Tedesco

Frank Tedesco is an American video game/film composer and YouTuber. As a classically trained pianist, Frank creates and performs unique arrangements from popular anime, games, and movies. His arrangements vary in difficulty and often incorporate extended harmonies, countermelodies, and a widely expressive dynamic palette. Visit Frank on YouTube. Visit Frank Tedesco on YouTube.

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Fromagateau, also known as Ryan Soeyadi, is a pianist, arranger, and teacher from New York who loves to touch people’s hearts with the art of piano music. He is classically trained and currently studies at Juilliard in New York. Fromagateau finds beauty in what composers from other genres have to offer, and strives to put a concert pianist twist on audience favorites. Visit Fromagateau on YouTube.

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Furyxx Violin

Johan Veron, alias "Furyxx Violin" is a professional classical violinist from France who started playing the violin at the age of 4. Ten years ago, he decided to lauch his YouTube channel and started to release covers of his favourite music soundtracks from video games, movies and anime. Visit Furyxx Violin on YouTube.

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Gabriella Quevedo is a Swedish fingerstyle guitarist with over 170 million views on her Youtube channel. She specializes in arranging and covering famous pop/rock music. Visit Gabriella9797 on YouTube.

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GENTRI is an American tenor trio known for their rich 3-part harmonies and lush orchestrations. With multiple Billboard chart-topping albums and tens of millions of views on Facebook and YouTube, GENTRI’s unique original style puts a fresh take on a timeless sound. From Beatles to Broadway to soaring originals, GENTRI brings their dynamic arraignments to genres of all styles. GENTRI has toured all over the United States and parts of Europe, and has shared the stage with artists such as legendary rock bands Journey and One Republic, and broadway powerhouses Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Visit GENTRI on YouTube.

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George Vidal

George Vidal is a bilingual producer, songwriter, performer, and engineering student. His YouTube channel is a one-stop destination for all your piano needs. He offers piano covers, complete step by step tutorials, and sheet music for all types of popular songs ranging from Pop Rock to Reggaeton. Visit George Vidal on YouTube.

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Gina Luciani

Flutist Gina Luciani is a studio musician in Los Angeles who records for film, television and video games. Projects that she has recorded for include Locke & Key, Lady And The Tramp, The Simpson's, Planet Earth 2, Halo Wars 2, The Nun, Chef's Table, Penny Dreadful and League of Legends. She has played with Kanye West, Ariana Grande, DMX, Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, Josh Groban, Billy Idol and The Wu-Tang Clan. Visit Gina Luciani on YouTube.

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Gleb Turzhanskii

Gleb Turzhanskii is a young Moscow-based pianist who follows his passion by performing modern music, arranging songs and shooting awesome music videos. Visit Gleb Turzhanskii on YouTube.

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GnuS Cello (Stefano Cabrera)

Cellist Stefano Cabrera is the musical mind behind the GnuS Cello YouTube channel. He arranges and performs beautiful, moving cello covers of popular songs. The channel has garnered almost 600,000 subscribers and almost 80 million views. Visit GnuS Cello (Stefano Cabrera) on YouTube.

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Golden Salt

Golden Salt is the surprising crossover duo created by two italian ladies: their their unmistakable sound matches the effrontery of the electric guitar arm in arm with the elegance of the classical violin, linking the classical music with the hard-rock energy, in acctractive cover arrangements, original songs, music videos and live concerts. Visit Golden Salt on YouTube.

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Graziatto has been playing saxophone and singing in weddings for 20+ years. He is among the 3 most important sax players in the world based on the number of followers/subscribers on social networks. His videos have been seen 75+ million times on YouTube. Graziatto played for Domenico Dolce’s (founder of Dolce & Gabbana) 60th birthday party in Milan, Italy and was a special guest for Diner en Blanc in Madrid, Spain. Graziatto is based in Torreon, Mexico and has played for events in Mexico, London, Spain, Italy and Ecuador. Visit Graziatto on YouTube.

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Grim Cat Piano

Grim Cat Piano is a "fresh" channel of the Youtube Piano community releasing high quality FX videos of modern music in different genres almost every day. The channel is headed by two young but promising students with huge experience in different music styles and fire in their hearts. Fastest arrangements of just released songs, professionally transcribed sheets and, of course, fabulous atmosphere. Grim Cat Piano is excited to bring you not only music, but touching emotions. Visit Grim Cat Piano on YouTube.

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Grissini Project

Grissini Project's YouTube channel consists of a piano, an organ and two violins that together create beautiful music. Grissini Project creates original arrangements to cover music from film, games and anime. Visit Grissini Project on YouTube.

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Guitar Fable

I Started the guitar in 2003 by myself, 1 years later I started to take private lesson, my teacher made me like classical guitar. I played few years then finally got to study music classical guitar at Cegep de Drummondville for 2 years. I was always pationate by video games and movie music. In fact, when I was around 6 years old, my fun was to find video games melodies on piano. Now I study classical guitar and music at Sherbrooke University, my goal is to teach music and do music for living. I created my YouTube channel Guitar Fable to share the music I like, my arrangement and my goal is to always upgrade the quality of what I do. Visit Guitar Fable on YouTube.

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Harry Massoud

Harry Massoud is a musician from Houston, Texas who composes and arranges music for piano. His most notable work (still in progress) is his collection of custom piano arrangements from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy featuring songs from both the Original Sound Track and The Complete Recordings. His style of piano playing evokes a gentle and peaceful energy as well as great emotional depth. Visit Harry Massoud on YouTube. Visit Harry Massoud on YouTube.

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Hayato Sumino

Born in Chiba, Japan in 1995. Hayato Sumino began studying the piano at the age of three. He has won numerous awards, including Grand Prize of 42nd PTNA Piano Competition in 2018, Gold Prize of over-18 category of Chopin International Piano Competition in ASIA in 2017. Visit Hayato Sumino on YouTube.

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Heline is a classically trained Finnish flutist who arranges music for flute and performs on her YouTube channel. Video game music is close to her heart but she also covers and arranges other popular tunes. Visit Heline on YouTube.

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Hello Violin

Marie is a Juilliard-trained violinist and educator who runs the Hello Violin YouTube channel with her sister, Hannah. She arranges music from a variety of genres that highlight the beautiful sound of the violin. Visit Hello Violin on YouTube.

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Igor Presnyakov

Igor Presnyakov is a popular Russian guitarist known for combining a wide range of styles in his solo arrangements of popular songs. His fiery and entertaining performances which have gained nearly 450 Million views on YouTube, include fingerstyle, rock and classical chops, mixes with percussive elements that breathe new life into well-known songs. Visit Igor Presnyakov on YouTube.

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Ilse de Ziah

Ilse de Ziah is an Australian-Irish cellist, conductor, arranger, composer and educator. She specializes in creating music to expand the solo cello repertoire and performs these in concerts throughout Europe. She won best documentary in the Erie International Film Festival with her film featuring her arrangements of Irish Airs on solo cello. Her YouTube channel features her own compositions, Irish music, and her gorgeous solo cello arrangements of popular pieces. Visit Ilse de Ziah on YouTube. Visit Ilse de Ziah on YouTube.

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Inception CoverBand are two musicians who create author and cover music on classical instruments. Vitaliy (violin) and Alexander (piano), musicians of the inception_coverband channel Visit Inception_coverband on YouTube.

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Iqbal Gumilar

Born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1999. Iqbal Gumilar been playing fingerstyle guitar since 2016, performing covers of popular songs. His YouTube channel has been active since January 2019, and has already amassed over three million views. Visit Iqbal Gumilar on YouTube.

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Dallas-based violinist Alan Milan is an inspiring example of breaking away from the ordinary. His ability to breathe new life into dozens of popular tracks through the violin has caught the attention of tens of millions and over the years, he's been able to work with some of the biggest producers and musicians in various genres. Still early in his career, Alan continuously aims to explore and push the unique intersection of pop, house, production, and violin music with his very first original album set to release early next year. Visit ItsAMoney on YouTube.

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Jacob Koller

Jacob Koller is a pianist, arranger, composer and educator originally from Arizona, USA but is now based out of Tokyo, Japan. He runs multiple music schools in Japan and travels throughout Asia, North America and Europe performing his unique arrangements and compositions. Visit Jacob Koller on YouTube.

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Jacob's Piano

Jacob's Piano is a pianist and composer from Copenhagen, Denmark. His YouTube channel features arranged piano covers of popular hits as well as Jacob's Piano's own original compositions. Feeling and simplicity is the core idea behind any of Jacob's works. Visit Jacob's Piano on YouTube.

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Jane Lee

Jane Lee is a classically trained pianist from Los Angeles, California. She started playing by ear at the age of 3 and since then, has expanded to singing, producing, and arranging for various projects and artists as a professional musician. Jane's Youtube channel has been viewed over 6 million times and continues to reach more and more aspiring pianists each day. Visit Jane Lee on YouTube.

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Jarrod Radnich

Often compared with Franz Liszt, Jarrod Radnich has been hailed as the force making piano cool again. Musicnotes is excited to offer sheet music from the legendary pianist, composer and performer's Virtuosic Piano Solo series. Download acclaimed arrangements by the virtuoso, including NEW popular arrangements such as Strong from Disney's 'Cinderella’, medleys from 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring', and 'Game of Thrones', plus "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Take Me To Church", "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Hedwig's Theme" and more Jarrod Radnich sheet music today! Visit Jarrod Radnich on YouTube.

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Jasmine Allyson

Jasmine Allyson is a talented and classically trained pianist from China. Born with perfect pitch, she specializes in making inspiring and creative piano arrangements of her favorite popular music. Visit Jasmine Allyson on YouTube.

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Jaylene Fergus

Performer and music educator, Jaylene Fergus BMus. arranges music for piano and ensembles enabling students and musicians to play songs at a variety of skill levels. Jaylene’s arrangements include solos and accompaniments for piano, keyboards, vocals, strings, brass and woodwind instruments. With a background in both classical and contemporary music, Jaylene’s YouTube channel features arrangements from many different genres such as rock, pop, jazz, classical, Latin, funk, soul and R&B. Visit Jaylene Fergus on YouTube.

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Jazzy Fabbry

Fabrizio Spaggiari is a pianist and composer from Italy. He arranges and covers many popular songs on the piano, tapping into all genres, from classical to jazz, pop to rock, as well as music from film and anime. Visit Jazzy Fabbry on YouTube.

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Jennifer Eklund

Jennifer Eklund holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in music from California State University, Long Beach. She is an avid arranger, composer, and author of the Piano Pronto method book series as well as a wide variety of supplemental songbooks. Her F.M. Sheet Music brand features hand-friendly, performance-ready arrangements of popular music favorites for pianists of all ages and levels. Visit Jennifer Eklund on YouTube.

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Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green is a contemporary violist from the city of San Antonio, Texas. He began posting covers on YouTube in the summer of 2014 and quickly gained a loyal following after his cover of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" went viral on Facebook. Since then, his channel has accumulated over 5 million views and 110,000 subscribers. Visit Jeremy Green on YouTube.

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Jeremy Ng

Jeremy Ng is an ex-flutist turned pianist from Singapore, born in 1991. He has recorded about 200 piano videos ever since he began his YouTube journey in 2014, and he does not plan on stopping anytime soon! Besides his immense passion for the piano, Jeremy also loves music from the Final Fantasy series. He has recorded over 70 Final Fantasy piano tracks and hopes to finish recording all of the official Piano Opera and Piano Collections arrangements one day. Visit Jeremy Ng on YouTube.

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Jester Musician

Jester Musician is an arranger based in Vancouver, Canada, who is best known for his piano transcriptions of video game music. He particularly enjoys the soundtracks from Undertale, Paper Mario, and The Legend of Zelda. In addition to piano, Jester also arranges for orchestra, as well as his paper-operated music box. Visit Jester Musician on YouTube.

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Jim Hogan, Brendan Jacob Smith and Liam Fennecken

T.3 is a is a New York based vocal group comprised of Liam Fennecken, Jim Hogan and Brendan Jacob Smith. They gained popularity on social media platforms with covers of Disney, Broadway and Pop hits. They share good music and good vibes with a new video release each Thursday! #T3Thursday #TikTokTenors Visit Jim Hogan, Brendan Jacob Smith and Liam Fennecken on YouTube.

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Joe Jeremiah

Joe Jeremiah creates 8-Bit synthesizer covers of popular songs and video game themes. His YouTube channel has garnered over 100,000 subscribers and several of his videos have over 1 million views. Visit Joe Jeremiah on YouTube.

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Jon Pumper

Jon Pumper is a professional improv pianist based out of Minneapolis, MN. He brings to you piano arrangements of popular soundtracks from the latest movies, TV shows, and video games. Look for his unique tutorials, medleys, mashups, and creative reimaginings of your favorite pop-culture themes. Visit Jon Pumper on YouTube.

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Jon Sarta (DisneyPiano Classics)

Jon Sarta is a pianist, composer, and worship leader from Orlando, Florida. For the past 28 years, he has entertained visitors at Disney World by playing and performing piano covers of popular Disney hits. He has also recorded over 40 albums, bringing smiles to faces across the globe. Visit Jon Sarta (DisneyPiano Classics) on YouTube.

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Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris is a professional pianist and fast-growing YouTube artist based in Colorado. He creates high-quality videos of popular songs and publishes coinciding sheet music exclusively through Musicnotes to give viewers access to his world of music. Visit Jonathan Morris on YouTube.

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Joni Laakkonen

Joni Laakkonen is a passionate guitarist and musician from Finland. He makes fingerstyle guitar arrangements of modern pop songs and some older classics in addition to his original compositions. Visit Joni Laakkonen on YouTube.

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Jon-Michael Ogletree

Jon Michael has played the piano since the age of 3. He is an easy-listening jazz pianist, with a repertoire covering a wide range of genres. One thing that makes him extremely unique is his height, as he stands only 3’ 8” tall. He uses pedal extensions to overcome not being able to reach the pedals, and he has developed a unique fingering system, which allows him to reach all of the notes in his arrangements. He also has a gift of being able to hear nearly any piece of music, and he sees a numerical makeup, allowing him to play it almost immediately. All of these unique attributes culminate into truly one-of-a-kind arrangements, which he is now excited to have available for you to play! Visit Jon-Michael Ogletree on YouTube.

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Jonny May

With a passion and talent for ragtime, boogie-woogie and honkey-tonk piano, Jonny May became the youngest pianist ever to own the stage at Disneyland’s Refreshment Corner Café when he was just 18 years old. Jonny teaches, composes and performs originals and covers of all different types of music for audiences not only in Disneyland but across the world as well. Visit Jonny May on YouTube.

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Jordan Moore

Jordan Moore is an American euphoniumist, ocarinist, hornist, arranger, and educator, best known for his one-person wind ensemble cover of Lugia’s Song. Jordan and produces videos of his own arrangements of mostly classical, anime, and video game music on a wide variety of instruments. As a recent graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Jordan maintains a busy schedule pursuing his musical goals as a YouTuber, performer, recording musician, and educator. Visit Jordan Moore on YouTube.

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Josh Argyle

Josh Argyle is a young musician from Arizona who loves movie soundtracks, ragtime, and classical music. He enjoys composing and arranging his favorite works and turning them into something new or different. He is always trying new things, so arranging never gets boring. Visit Josh Argyle on YouTube.

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Josh Poole

Josh Poole is a classically trained pianist of 20+ years from Tampa, FL. Josh’s music has gained thousands of followers & over 1.5 million views on his YouTube channel & Instagram account (@JoshPooleMusic). Josh has a passion for helping others learn how to play modern & popular songs through his unique piano arrangements. Visit Josh Poole on YouTube.

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Joshua Burniece

Joshua Burniece fell in love with the piano at the age of five. Beginning with primarily classical music, he later immersed himself into other genres of music, including jazz, ragtime, and rock. Now, he enjoys taking the songs we all know and love and turning them into something he can call his own. Visit Joshua Burniece on YouTube.

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Joyce Leong

Joyce Leong is a musician and piano teacher who also transcribes, arranges and performs music on YouTube. Her YouTube channel has garnered over 100,000 subscribers, with a total of more than 25 million views. Her cover arrangements appeal to many budding pianists as they are very close to the original releases. Visit Joyce Leong on YouTube.

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Julie Gaulke

Julie Gaulke is a USA-born composer, arranger, pianist, and vocalist. She earned her degree in Music Theory/Composition from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in 1988, and has gone on to work as a private piano instructor, organist and choir director, as well as an editor and writer for Plank Road Publishing (MusicK8 Magazine). Currently she is self-employed recording learning tracks packages, writing and arranging music, and creating multitrack videos on her YouTube Channel. Visit Julie Gaulke on YouTube.

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Justin Man

Justin is a young pianist and music arranger. When he was 10 he had the opportunity to become a WestfieldPresents Piano artist and now regularly performs piano to the public on stage in two London popular shopping malls. In the past he's was also invited to perform piano regularly by a English Premier League football club in their VIP hospitality lounges. He is a regular participant of young competitive Music Festivals in the UK and to date he has achieved over 30 first place awards playing classical and contemporary pieces. He's also achieved 3 'Most Promising Junior Pianist Awards' and 1 'Outstanding Piano Soloist age 14 years and over'. Visit Justin Man on YouTube.

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Justin Ward

San Francisco-based saxophonist, Justin Ward, has gained notoriety with his street performances throughout the world and his covers on YouTube that are soulful, “too sexy to handle,” often leaving audiences transfixed, viewers “falling in love,” and the comment section poppin’ off. Visit Justin Ward on YouTube.

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Kalimba Tree

Kalimba Tree creates fascinating compositions and arrangements for kalimba, a trending instrument originated in Africa. Further educational methods and products are also provided on the website Visit Kalimba Tree on YouTube. Visit Kalimba Tree on YouTube.

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Karen Kornienko

Karen Kornienko graduated from the Moscow conservatoire (professors E. Malinin and V. Gornostaeva) He is a prizewinner at the I and II International Scriabin piano competitions in Nizhny Novgorod (1995) and Moscow (2000), and won the Grand Prix and 4 special prizes at the II International Rachmaninov competition (Moscow, 1997). The pianist has performed at many music festivals, his recitals were broadcasted on the radio and through famous TV companies (BBC, The Radio of Russia, The Radio "Orpheus" TV channel "Culture" , "Mezzo" etc.) Karen Kornienko works mostly in the sphere of piano transcriptions, and gives solo programmes of his own arrangements based on Tchaikovsky's, Liadov's, Rachmaninov's, Ghlinka's, Bizet's music as a regular part of his repertoire. Visit Karen Kornienko on YouTube.

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Karim Kamar

Karim Kamar is a contemporary classical pianist and composer from London. He has produced and created music of many different styles for various artists, though his main focus is on the creation of relaxing New Age solo piano music, with stylings similar to Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen. Visit Karim Kamar on YouTube.

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Karolina Protsenko

Karolina Protsenko is famous 10 years old violinist who lives in Los Angeles, US. Her YouTube channel with live performances has over 1 500,000 subscribers. She got more than 300 million views on YouTube and Facebook all together from fans all over the world on her violin covers videos. She makes unique and beautiful arrangements on popular songs. Musicnotes is exited to offer sheet music from YouTube Karolina Protsenko Violin. Visit Karolina Protsenko on YouTube.

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Kate Maystrova

Kate Maystrova is a professional pianist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She was born into a musical family and began playing piano at age 3. After experimenting with different styles of music, she discovered a passion for arranging popular songs and soundtracks. You can find her on YouTube here. Visit Kate Maystrova on YouTube.

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Katherine Cordova

Katherine Cordova is a self-taught pianist from Winnipeg, Canada. She creates unique arrangements of current popular songs, movie and video game music, and the occasional classic hit. Her piano covers have garnered over 10 million views. Visit Katherine Cordova on YouTube. Visit Katherine Cordova on YouTube.

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Kazumasa Aramoto

Kazumasa Aramoto is a music producer, composer and arranger from Japan. Visit Kazumasa Aramoto on YouTube.

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Kelly Valleau

Kelly Valleau is an extremely talented Spanish fingerstyle guitarist from Canada. In addition to composing, arranging, transcribing, and teaching, Valleau covers all different genres of songs with his fingerstyle technique on YouTube. Ranging from classical to pop to metal, you’re sure to find something you’ll love to play. Visit Kelly Valleau on YouTube.

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Kenneth August

Kenneth August is a composer, music producer and pianist from Copenhagen, Denmark. His YouTube channel features slower ballad covers of popular music (interpreted on the piano) and original work as well. Visit Kenneth August on YouTube.

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Kenzie Smith Piano

Kenzie Smith Piano is a pianist from Oregon who arranges piano cover songs from various anime, video games, and Disney movies. Since 2014, his passion for music has led him to upload arrangements to YouTube where he now has a worldwide fan base. Visit Kenzie Smith Piano on YouTube.

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Jenny Hughes (also known online as “keudae”) has been arranging and playing piano covers on YouTube for over 12 years. In 2016 she completed her Bachelor’s degree in jazz studies and has since performed all over the world, including South Korea, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Visit keudae on YouTube.

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Kevin Busse

Kevin Busse is soon to be a graduate at Berklee College of Music and saxophone instructor on YouTube. He provides sheet music arrangements of melodies and solos for many band instruments but specializes in making exact transcriptions for popular saxophone solos. Visit Kevin Busse on YouTube.

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Kezia Amelia

Kezia Amelia is an Indonesian violinist, singer-songwriter. Her style of music, Organic Electronic Indonesian Indie, is a fresh sonic atmosphere new to Indonesian music scene. Currently, she engages most of her audiences through violin covers on Instagram and YouTube. Visit Kezia Amelia on YouTube.

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KimBo is a popular pianist and arranger who uses YouTube as his center stage. While he loves to arrange covers of video game and anime works, he also performs original arrangements of popular songs for all types of audiences. Visit KimBo on YouTube.

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Klara Louise

Klara Louise is a classically trained pianist with over fifteen years of experience. She uses her YouTube channel to showcase contemporary covers of songs spanning across many different genres. Visit Klara Louise on YouTube.

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Konstiguitar is a young german fingerstyle guitarist, who arranges many songs from different music genres. He publishes his music videos on his YouTube channel with 3500 subscribers. Visit Konstiguitar on YouTube.

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Kristen Mosca

At age 14, Kristen Mosca was inspired by a pianist at Disneyland on a family trip and fell in love with ragtime piano. She attended both the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts, and University of Nevada - Las Vegas, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in music performance. Mosca arranges and performs ragtime covers of popular songs on her YouTube channel and has garnered over 3 million views. Visit Kristen Mosca on YouTube.

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Kyle Landry

Kyle Landry is a classically trained pianist from Massachusetts whose passion for video games, films and anime led him to launch his YouTube channel at the age of 16. Over the past ten years he has arranged and composed over 700 piano covers for his channel and received over 175 million views. Visit Kyle Landry on YouTube.

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Lara is an Australian musician specialising in video game music, film & TV themes, and more. Classically trained, Lara has been uploading videos to YouTube for 10 years and has been live streaming music on Twitch for two years. Her main passion is creating unique, expressive arrangements across all genres, and in particular, doing justice to all of the amazing video game music out there! Visit Lara6683 on YouTube.

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Laurence Manning

Laurence Manning is a pianist, composer and arranger specialized in classical and video game music. She arranges, performs video game music and composes original music on YouTube. Her inspiration comes from video game music, neoclassical, Celtic, neomedieval and classical music. Visit Laurence Manning on YouTube.

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Leiki Ueda

Leiki Ueda is a talented pianist who composes, arranges and improvises piano solo covers of popular movie themes. His larger-than-life arrangements have mesmerized over 7.5 million YouTube viewers. Visit Leiki Ueda on YouTube.

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Lennon & Maisy

Lennon & Maisy are a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental, sister duo originally from Canada. Success for the duo first arrived in 2012 when their cover of Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn went viral. Since then, the sisters have become stars on the CMT series ‘Nashville’ with their on-set performances reaching the top of Billboard charts. Visit Lennon & Maisy on YouTube.

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Leon Alex

Leon Alex is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist from Germany. His Youtube channel has been growing exponentially over the past years due to his high quality videos and simple, yet beautiful, arrangements. Leon covers songs from all kinds of genres ranging from all time classics to just released hits. Visit Leon Alex on YouTube.

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Les covers de Persiflette

Les covers de Persiflette was created by Thibaut Trosset, professional accordionist, arranger and teacher, from France. On his YouTube channel, he plays his own arrangements of popular soundtracks and songs, helping to extend the repertoire of accordion and showing all the possibilities of this instrument. Visit Les covers de Persiflette on YouTube.

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Lisa Donovan Lukas

Lisa Donovan Lukas holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, and worked for many years as a proofreader-copyist for film composers at Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney, and JoAnn Kane Music Service. Lisa is a prolific arranger, composer, teacher, and lifelong pianist, and is the author of the Amazon best selling book on songwriting: "The Young Musician's Guide to Songwriting." Lisa’s work is published by Musicnotes, and Piano Pronto Publishing and features a wide variety of beautiful, popular music for pianists of all levels to enjoy playing. Visit Lisa Donovan Lukas on YouTube.

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LittleTranscriber is a popular tutorial channel combining sheet music and videos to help musicians learn their favorite songs. With nearly 300,000 subscribers and 95 million total views, LittleTranscriber arrangements and tutorials are an excellent way for you to expand your repertoire. Visit LittleTranscriber on YouTube.

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Lola Astanova

With a direct pianistic lineage back to Franz Liszt and a distinct visual flair, pianist and composer Lola Astanova has perfected a riveting and deeply emotional style that hearkens back to the old masters. Visit Lola Astanova on YouTube.

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Lord & Lady

Lord & Lady is a pop singer/songwriter duo that combines the vocal and songwriting talents of Scott Oatley and Rachel Panchal. Both have sung for well-known TV/Film projects, including Glee, The Simpsons, La La Land, SING, and more. The duo has received high praise for their YouTube hit, "La La Land Medley," which went viral, garnering 5 million views, and was featured at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. The pair continues to grow their worldwide fanbase by releasing new original music as well as covers. Visit Lord & Lady on YouTube.

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Lucas Brar

Lucas Brar is a guitarist, arranger & singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. He is known for his unique arrangements of popular jazz & pop songs for solo guitar, and has in a short period of time reached over 75.000 subscribers and millions of views on YouTube. Visit Lucas Brar on YouTube.

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Lucky Piano

Lucky Piano is a YouTube pianist who arranges piano covers for all sorts of music genres. He is best known for his arrangements of bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Kodaline and many more. Visit Lucky Piano on YouTube.

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Luke Gunn

Luke Gunn is a Fingerstyle guitarist from Scotland, known for his arrangement and performing of solo acoustic guitar covers on YouTube. Creating unique versions of popular music across all genres, as well as from film and TV. Visit Luke Gunn on YouTube.

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Lyon Bros

LYON BROS is a talented group of teenage high school band friends who are living the dream! These California boys were plucked straight out of their school band room and in just 6 months have 100k+ subscribers and millions and millions of views. LYON BROS make unique arrangements of video game songs, memes, pop songs and originals! Visit Lyon Bros on YouTube.

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MakingMusicFun is an elementary music education resource site, including graded sheet music, online music lessons for kids, music theory worksheets, and resources to learn about our great composers. MusicNotes is excited to offer sheet music from this online leader in elementary music education, Visit MakingMusicFun on YouTube.

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Marc Papeghin

Marc Papeghin is a multi-instrumentalist from France specialized in French Horn & Trumpet arrangements. Over the years, his eclectic musical tastes led him to arrange many pieces ranging from Movie Soundtracks to Video Game Music, Progressive Metal and more ! Visit Marc Papeghin on YouTube.

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Marcia Wells

I have always had a passion for music. I grew up in the rural Midwest playing music in church and have been a church pianist for 20+ years. I love taking the sweet melodies of traditional hymns and using unique chords to create new, distinctive arrangements. I also enjoy creating dynamic covers of popular songs as piano duets, because sometimes two hands on one piano are just not enough! Visit Marcia Wells on YouTube.

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Marijan Srsa

Marijan is a self-taught pianist from Germany who produces piano covers and tutorials of popular songs on YouTube. His tutorials have earned over 5.5 million views and are responsible for teaching many subscribers how to play their favorite songs on piano. Visit Marijan Srsa on YouTube.

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Marioverehrer is making piano tutorials on YouTube since 2011. He loves to make music and is enthusiastic to help talented musicians gain recognition with his YouTube channel. Marioverehrer is excited to share his compositions and arrangements on Musicnotes. Visit Marioverehrer on YouTube.

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Mark Fowler

Mark Fowler is a musician and pianist from the UK who transcribes, arranges and performs music. His YouTube channel has garnered over 200,000 fans and his most popular videos have received millions of views. Visit Mark Fowler on YouTube.

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Mark Piano

Mark Piano is a composer who writes and arrange songs, and play the jazz piano. He usually arranges famous songs easily on the piano. Visit Mark Piano on YouTube.

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MartMusician is a pianist and arranger whose aim is to create piano arrangements that represent melody, instruments and every nuance of a musical piece in the most faithful way. On the channel you can find piano solo covers of popular video game soundtracks, Rock, Pop and EDM hits, and many more. Visit MartMusician on YouTube.

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Maryna Aksenov

Maryna Aksenov, a composer and piano player from Germany. She composes music to movies, advertisments, and instrumental music for different groups of instruments; arranges covers. Visit Maryna Aksenov on YouTube.

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Master Keyz

Our aim at Maser Keyz is to provide the ultimate Piano playing experience by providing world-class arrangements and scores covering all major styles of music from Classical through to Jazz & Blues/Musicals/TV/Film/New Age & Contemporary and Modern Pop music. We also offer transcription services, so we can literally provide any arrangement for any required piece tailored to your skill levels. Visit Master Keyz on YouTube.

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Matt Curney

Matt Curney started playing the piano at the age of 5 and never stopped, completing a degree in classical and jazz piano. He's shared a stage with Gavin Degraw, Kelly Rowland, and performs in a variety of styles and ensembles around the Twin Cities. He began uploading original arrangements of his favorite songs to YouTube in 2015, and enjoys all genres of music. Visit Matt Curney on YouTube.

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Mattia Vlad Morleo

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Mattia Vlad Morleo was born in Fasano, a little town in the south of Italy, October 10, 2000. Morleo had an early introduction to music, learning the piano from his 8 years old, with his father Luigi Morleo. Since the age of 14 he has been present in the contemporary music scene, having also been called one of the major young talented composers of the century. Morleo works with NPR, WWF,, KEXP, Save the Children, TED, RAI, Mediaset, AMMA, and more. Visit Mattia Vlad Morleo on YouTube.

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Max Pandèmix

Max Pandèmix is a composer, music producer and DJ. He combined his interest for electronic music and passion for playing the piano to create popular arrangements on YouTube. Visit Max Pandèmix on YouTube.

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Mert Bozdemir

Mert Bozdemir is a talented musician, pianist and arranger from Turkey. He started to play piano when he was 5 years old and received several awards in many competitions. He is mainly creating piano arrangements of popular current soundtracks on YouTube. In addition, he continues his concerts actively. Remember to visit Mert Bozdemir on YouTube. Visit Mert Bozdemir on YouTube.

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Michael Chapdelaine

Michael Chapdelaine is the only guitarist ever to win First Prize in the world's top competitions in both Classical and Fingerstyle genres; the Guitar Foundation of America International Classical Guitar Competition and the National Fingerstyle Championships at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield , Kansas. He has also, twice, won the coveted National Endowment for the Arts Solo Recitalist Grant, and won the Silver Medal in Venezuela's VIII Concurso International de Guitarra "Alirio Diaz". Chapdelaine is Professor of Music Emeretis at the University of New Mexico. His teachers included the great Spanish maestro Andres Segovia. Visit Michael Chapdelaine on YouTube.

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Mark has been teaching piano online for over 10 years on Youtube and Skillshare. His main Youtube channel has reached over 300.000 subscribers and 35 million views! Visit MIDI Mark on YouTube.

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mimiPianoClass is a piano teacher and skilled performer from Japan who specializes in creating arrangements for popular music that her students can learn and enjoy to play. Be sure to check her out on YouTube here. Visit mimiPianoClass on YouTube.

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Modern Music

Marcel from ‚Modern Music‘ is a german musician and piano teacher who also transcribes and arranges music on his YouTube channel. He provides high quality pop piano tutorials to many budding pianists. Visit Modern Music on YouTube.

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Moses Lin

Moses Lin is one of the most highly sought after fingerstyle guitarists in Southern California. He was named the best wedding guitarist in Orange County by WeddingWire and was invited to perform at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show’s main stage. Moses is known for his complex arrangements and unique approach to instrumental percussive fingerstyle. Visit Moses Lin on YouTube.

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Mr. Meeseeks Piano

Hi, I'm Mr.Meeseeks Piano and welcome to my Musicnotes page! I am a young brazilian arranger, piano and drum player who dedicates my free time to covering and posting my favorite TV shows openings, famous movies and games themes, pop and meme music to Youtube. Visit Mr. Meeseeks Piano on YouTube.

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Mr. Sax C

Mr. Sax C, with a career of almost 25 years, is one of the most requested saxophone players in Portugal. He´s been teaching for more than 22 years, an orchestra conductor/composer for more than 20 years, and as "Mr. Sax C," a talented saxophonist. He started a YouTube channel just to promote his work as a sax performer, but recently has decided to incorporate saxophone covers and provide his scores to fans all over the world. Visit Mr. Sax C on YouTube.

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Magnus Baumgartl is a German pianist, composer, arranger and transcriber. He started his musical studies at the age of eight and quickly developed a passion for the instrument and music theory. With technical expertise and musical diversity Magnus arranges epic video game soundtracks, orchestrated filmmusic as well as modern pop & rock ballades to unique piano solo pieces. In May 2013, Magnus launched his YouTube channel “MrBromaba” on which he publishes his performances. Visit MrBromaba on YouTube.

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Mushroom MIDI

I am a mechanical engineering student from Germany. I took piano lessons at the age of six, but quickly stopped because I did not like practicing those classical pieces. When I got my first keyboard a few years later I started playing by watching synthesia tutorials on YouTube. I then realized that I can play the music I hear just by listening to it. I also played transverse flute and guitar in high school. Nowadays I create easy and advanced piano arrangements of popular songs in my spare time. Visit Mushroom MIDI on YouTube.

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Music By Pedro

Pedro Esparza is a multi-instrumentalist and endorsed free-lance artist from Wilmington, NC. By mixing genres from Jazz and Video Games, he has created a whole style of fun and creative video game music using improvisation techniques as well as modern pop and funky beats. Visit Music By Pedro on YouTube.

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MusicalBasics is a piano channel run by Lionel Yu, a classically trained pianist and composer who has reached a global fanbase and performed in multiple concert halls across the world. His channel focuses on stylized, technically challenging piano covers and remixes in his signature epic style. Visit MusicalBasics on YouTube.

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MUSICHELP (musichelpdude) is a self-taught pianist and producer who publishes tutorials of popular music on YouTube. In addition to publishing a new tutorial each day, MUSICHELP offers music production tips and techniques. You can request songs on his official website. Be sure to visit MUSICHELP on Youtube. Visit MUSICHELP on YouTube.

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MusicMike512 is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in arranging covers for a wide variety of genres including video game music, anime soundtracks, film scores, metal, and pop. Since 2011, he has arranged over 300 instrumental covers, developed an expanding library of improvisations/compositions, and reached over 50,000 followers. He has a continuously growing passion for exploring music and sharing his art with people all around the world. Visit MusicMike512 on YouTube.

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My Little Piano Channel

My Little Piano Channel is an up and coming piano tutorial and cover arrangement channel for popular songs. From beginner to advanced, any pianist can use the videos to aid with their practice. Visit My Little Piano Channel on YouTube.

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My Sheet Music Transcriptions

My Sheet Music Transcriptions is one of the most popular sheet music transcription services online and they have a large catalog of unique, high-quality arrangements. More than 300 sheets are created every month, ranging from piano solo covers and piano and vocal scores to tablatures and other arrangements. Visit My Sheet Music Transcriptions on YouTube.

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Myuu is a classically trained pianist from Germany who focuses on dark piano music. He writes original music for YouTube horror community stars such as "Creepypasta," "True Scary Stories" and "Exploring with...," the abandoned places series. Myuu's channel has over 190,000 subscribers, with collaborations totaling over 185 million views. Visit Myuu on YouTube.

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Natalie Monique

Natalie Monique is a pianist and composer from the city of Chicago with a passion for creating creative arrangements of popular music. She composed her first piece at eight years old and has been writing and arranging music since. Visit Natalie Monique on YouTube.

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Nate Hance

Pianist and composer Nate Hance has played piano as long as he can remember. He began with classical and jazz and has since branched out to many other genres as a professional musician. He loves creating unique videos on Youtube and Facebook, such as his greatest hits medleys, relaxing covers, original music, playing piano backwards, and songs about his hatred of pineapple on pizza! Nate was born and raised in Minot, ND and now makes music his career in St Paul, MN. Visit Nate Hance on YouTube.

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Nathan Allen

Nathan Allen is a saxophonist from Toronto, Canada who adds R&B-Funk flare to his arrangements and compositions. His sound is influenced by smooth and versatile artists like Grover Washington, Jr. Kirk Whalum, and Gerald Albright. Visit Nathan Allen on YouTube.

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Nathan Schaumann

Nathan Schaumann began playing both violin and piano at the age of 4, just thirteen short years ago, and currently studies piano at Brigham Young University. He has performed in numerous competitions and festivals, the most notable being the 2016 Netherlands Steinway Festival and the 2015 Young Pianist Foundation Competition, both of which Schaumann took first place in his division. Alongside his many performances, Schaumann also arranges covers of popular songs and shares them on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Visit Nathan Schaumann on YouTube.

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Neil Archer

Neil has been playing organ and piano since 1975 loves to make arrangements of popular music that people can learn. Be sure to check him out on YouTube here. Visit Neil Archer on YouTube.

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Neil Wicker

Neil Wicker is a fingerstyle guitarist from the UK. With a passion for musicals, he creates unique and intricate arrangements from Broadway shows, as well as current pop songs. His YouTube channel reaches a wide audience of both players and viewers, and he hopes to bring his music to an even wider audience across the world. Visit Neil Wicker on YouTube.

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Nicholas Wells

Singer-Songwriter Nicholas Wells found his passion for music at a young age. Since the age of eight, his vocal and piano-driven songs have chronicled his growth in life and as a songwriter with memorable melodies and emotional storytelling. His YouTube channel, featuring unique arrangements of popular songs as well as his original music, has garnered over two million views. Visit Nicholas Wells on YouTube.

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Nicholas Yee

Nicholas Yee is a cellist and arranger best recognized for his interpretations of popular songs and soundtracks. His instrumental arrangements have been described as sonorous and sophisticated, and videos of his performances have garnered over 15 million views on YouTube. Visit Nicholas Yee on YouTube.

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Niko Kotoulas

Niko Kotoulas is a Greek-American composer, instrumentalist, and DJ. He started playing piano at the age of two years old by ear and has continued to master different instruments such as clarinet and guitar. He specializes in piano cover songs from genres of electronic dance music, pop, classical, and rap that can be accessed on streaming services worldwide. Visit Niko Kotoulas on YouTube.

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NintenMusic is a YouTube channel that aims to deliver the highest quality piano arrangements from some of your favourite Nintendo titles; including Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing! Headed by pianist, composer and arranger - Tim Burnelis. Visit NintenMusic on YouTube.

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Nobu Matsumura

Nobu Matsumura is one of the best guitarists of fingerstyle guitar music. He is specialized in unique covers and arrangements of popular tunes. His YouTube channel currently has over fifty thousand subscribers and his talent is fascinating the audience. Visit Nobu Matsumura on YouTube.

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Nokturn is an NYC-based musician and composer creating a range of piano works in many different genres. Originally starting on YouTube creating covers of popular EDM songs, his fanbase has grown beyond that to include a wide range of genres, such as pop, video game, and film music. Visit Nokturn on YouTube.

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Noud van Harskamp

Noud van Harskamp has been playing piano covers of film music for over a decade. Hugely influenced and inspired by composers such as James Newton Howard, James Horner, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Christopher Young, John Powell and Bill Conti, he has created more than 400 videos for his YouTube channel and has attracted more than 15 million views. Ultimately his goal as a pianist and arranger is to promote film music in the best way he can. Visit Noud van Harskamp on YouTube.

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Olexandr Ignatov

Olexandr Ignatov is a music producer with a passion for the piano. With more than 10 years of experience, his music is being licensed and used in thousands of projects all over the world and his piano covers inspire people every day on YouTube. Visit Olexandr Ignatov on YouTube.

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oOrwellino is a composer and producer of piano instrumentals who lives in Zürich. To spread the joy of piano music, he not only shares his instrumentals on YouTube with his constantly growing fan base but now also writes them down as simple lead sheets. Visit oOrwellino on YouTube.

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Oscar Molina

Óscar Molina is a Spanish pianist and composer whose dream has always been to share his music across the world. Visit Oscar Molina on YouTube.

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Oskar Roman

Juilliard School-trained and multi award-winning classical pianist Oskar Roman recently launched his YouTube channel with a selection of highly virtuosic piano arrangements. In 2011, he was awarded 1st prize at the Juilliard Piano Competition and has also excelled as a violinist, composer, and documentary filmmaker. An avid movie lover, Oskar is excited to share his finely crafted piano arrangements of his favorite movie themes with a wider audience. Visit Oskar Roman on Youtube. Visit Oskar Roman on YouTube.

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PACIL is a pianist and composer from Italy. He arranges and produces piano covers of popular hits for his YouTube tutorial channel. Visit PACIL on YouTube.

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Paratus is a young musician from Croatia who graduated music theory at the Zagreb Music Academy. He makes unique high quality piano arrangements of popular pop and EDM songs. Visit Paratus on YouTube.

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Paul Fagan

Paul Fagan is a professional pianist and educator from Ireland. He arranges covers of popular music in Rock, Film Music and Jazz for piano which can be found on his YouTube channel. His mission is to share his passion for piano with up and coming pianists while continually striving to improve his repertoire and hone his skill. Visit Paul Fagan on YouTube.

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Paul Hankinson

Paul Hankinson is an Australian pianist, composer, arranger and songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. Working as a concert and recording artist as well as in theater and film, he loves to explore different styles and discover new artists. Relatively new to posting covers on YouTube, Paul is really connecting with pianists and music lovers from all around the world and is inspired to create more. Visit Paul Hankinson on YouTube.

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Peter Bence

Peter Bence began playing the piano at the young age of 3 and completed his first original composition by the age of 7. Since uploading his performances to YouTube, he has garnered over 200,000 subscribers and nearly 800,000 Facebook followers. Bence travels the world and performs both original works and covers of his mesmerizing piano arrangements. Visit Peter Bence on YouTube.

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Peter Borics

Peter Borics is a guitarist from Hungary, who produces fingerstyle guitar covers of popular hits on his YouTube channel. His passion is to create beautiful arrangements with a unique style that inspire everyone across the world! Visit Peter Borics on YouTube. Visit Peter Borics on YouTube.

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Peter Buka

Peter Buka is a young pianist from Hungary who arranges piano covers of popular songs. Buka began uploading videos to YouTube in early 2017 and not long after was featured on several Facebook pages such as Radio One Lebanon, 9GAG and Viral Thread where his arrangements reached millions of people. Visit Peter Buka on YouTube.

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Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens is an American entrepreneur, pop singer, and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist. With over 1.75 million subscribers, his videos have reached over a half billion views on Facebook and YouTube since 2011. Hollens is making his Broadway debut along with his wife, Evynne Hollens, and an award-winning cast in "Home for the Holidays". Hollens has collaborated and performed with several outstanding artists including Brian Wilson, Jason Mraz, Hunter Hayes, Gladys Knight, Lindsey Stirling, George Watsky, Jackie Evancho, and ThePianoGuys. Visit Peter Hollens on YouTube.

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Peter PlutaX

Peter PlutaX is a talented pianist from the Czech Republic. His piano arrangements cater to all experience levels and range from today's most popular music to Bach. No matter your taste in music, you're likely to find something to like from Peter. Visit Peter PlutaX on YouTube.

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Pianistin Jing

Jing Li is a concert pianist, she started playing the piano when she was 6 years old. She came to Germany at the age of 19, studied piano at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock and successfully completed her diploma. Since 2011 Jing Li has been passing on her skills and experience in her own piano school in Hamburg, Germany to her students. She has also created her own online piano lessons (the Online Piano School) which has fulfilled her wish to reach even more people with her piano lessons and inspire them to learn the instrument. Visit Pianistin Jing on YouTube.

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Piano Hits!

Since 2011 Jing Li has been passing on her skills and experience in her own piano school in Hamburg, Germany to her students. Visit Piano Hits! on YouTube.

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Piano in U

The PIANOiNU is a music composer, arranger and performer from South Korea. Visit Piano in U on YouTube.

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Piano With Carter

By now she has also created her own online piano lessons, the Online Piano School has fulfilled her wish to reach even more people with her piano lessons and to enable them to learn the piano. Visit Piano With Carter on YouTube.

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playing by ear to his favorite songs from home, he also credits Youtube music teacher Karen Ramirez Youtube videos for all his knowledge on music theory. . Visit Pianobin on YouTube.

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Since then Will has become a growing channel on Youtube known as Piano Hits (Pandapiano) and Easypiano and wants to inspire all ages Visit PianoDeuss on YouTube.

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PianoGroove is an online jazz piano school and community. Our visual lesson layout makes learning easy and enjoyable. Study jazz piano online at your own pace with PianoGroove’s step-by-step syllabus. Visit PianoGroove on YouTube.

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Blake Alkire, the musician behind the pianomusings YouTube channel, has been playing and composing music for the piano since he was eight years old. The interest in his arrangements has resulted in over 7 million views and 11,000 subscribers, and he is honored to be able to create music for all people to enjoy. Visit pianomusings on YouTube.

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PianoNest is a leading YouTube channel that provide singers, artists, and vocalists with the high quality piano accompaniments to sing along with! With over than 250,000 subscribers and more than 65 million views, Musicnotes is excited to offer sheet music from PianoNest. Visit PIanoNest on YouTube.

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PianoNOW is a pianist, composer and arranger who produces piano covers of popular hits for his YouTube tutorial channel. His passion for piano combined with the rare gift of perfect pitch allows PianoNOW to create beautiful arrangements and easy to follow tutorials that aid aspiring musicians across the world! Visit pianoNOW on YouTube.

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Orazio Saracino is a pianist and composer from Italy. His YoutTube channel (pianotrends) features arrangements of popular music (for various levels of difficultly). Last year Saracino published his first album called “IncontroTempo Suite”, which includes some of his original compositions. Visit pianotrends on YouTube.

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LifeWithAY is a classically trained pianist and saxophonist who aims to create truly unique and beautiful arrangements of pop and film music, for the enjoyment of people across the world. Visit PianoWithAlex on YouTube.

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Pianthesia releases piano covers of popular video games, movies and TV shows every day in three different Youtube channels: Pianthesia, Piwano and One Finger Piano. Enjoy the songs that you know and discover amazing new ones! Visit Pianthesia on YouTube.

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Pianubi is a pianist and composer who loves arranging creative and enjoyable music for piano. You can watch and listen to all of his arrangements on YouTube here. Visit Pianubi on YouTube.

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Pkeys is a pianist, keyboard player and arranger from Italy. He create a piano-LED performarce with different visual effects for passion and fun but also to help in learning other pianists. Visit Pkeys on YouTube.

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Player Piano feat. Sonya Belousova

Known for her masterful performances in the great concert halls of the world, composer & pianist Sonya Belousova brings your favorite songs and soundtrack themes to life through her award winning series: Player Piano. Visit Player Piano feat. Sonya Belousova on YouTube.

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Playsax4life is a saxophonist and pianist from California. She covers songs from the Billboard Hot 100 chart to classic favorites to popular global repertoire. She arranges and scores sheet music to original recordings so that performers can play alongside professionals and grow as artists Visit playsax4life on YouTube.

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Postmodern Jukebox

Postmodern Jukebox is a rotating collection of talented musicians who rework popular, current music into vintage, early 20th century swing and jazz arrangements. The group has featured over 70 different performers since their beginning in 2011. The founder of PMJ, Scott Bradlee, is a talented pianist and arranger. The musical group creates videos of their performances, usually in Bradlee’s living room, and share them through YouTube regularly. Visit Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube.

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Quoc Tran

Quoc Tran is a Canadian Software Engineer who studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He is dedicated to creating advanced piano arrangements of popular music with a focus on capturing the sound of the original song as accurately as possible. Visit Quoc Tran on YouTube. Visit Quoc Tran on YouTube.

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Rahul Suntah

Rahul Suntah is a 20-year-old musician, pianist, and producer from Mauritius currently located in the United Kingdom. Classically trained, Rahul has been playing the piano for more than 12 years and is now composing piano arrangements of popular songs on YouTube. He also writes and produces original compositions in his free time. With over more than 100,000 views on Instagram and YouTube and over 6,000 followers on Facebook, Musicnotes is proud to offer Rahul's sheet music arrangements. Visit Rahul Suntah on YouTube.

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Rainbow Pianist

The Rainbow Pianist channel is run by London-based composer/pianist Joel Armishaw. Trained at the Royal College of Music, Joel is dedicated to providing the most accurate and highly playable arrangements of Film, Video Game and popular music to suit a variety of piano playing abilities. Visit Rainbow Pianist on YouTube.

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Raoul van den Bergh

Raoul van den Bergh is a young arranger and composer from the Netherlands who specializes in piano covers of pop songs. Visit Raoul van den Bergh on YouTube.

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Ray Krislianggi

Ray Krislianggi is an anime and Vocaloid musician from Jakarta, Indonesia who plays the piano as his main instrument. Since joining YouTube in 2009 at the age of 13 and starting to cover anime songs in 2011, his channel has expanded to over 120 piano / orchestral covers and gained over 5 million views. What started as love for both music and anime became a passion to inspire others to play the piano through his covers, and has expanded to include games and Vocaloid covers. Visit Ray Krislianggi on YouTube.

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Razvan's Guitar

From curiosity to attraction, a hobby became a passion (this sums up my guitar experience). I'm making acoustic fingerstyle covers, electric guitar covers, acoustic + electric guitar covers (rhythm + lead), as well as popular songs reharmonizations. Let's enjoy the music journey! Visit Razvan's Guitar on YouTube.

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Richard Kittelstad

Richard Kittelstad is a pianist from Tampa, Florida who specializes in YouTube piano covers, arrangements, and compositions. He has over 800 videos, with over 40,000 subscribers and 11 million views. He is classically trained but primarily covers chart hits. Visit Richard Kittelstad on YouTube.

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Riyandi Kusuma

Riyandi Kusuma is an arranger, composer, and perfomer from Indonesia. He began uploading his performances on Instagram in 2014 and has gained more than 40000 followers since. He has been growing his YouTube channel for solo piano performance since 2018. Visit Riyandi Kusuma on YouTube.

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Rob Landes

Take a classically-trained violinist who began studying at the age of 3, has two music performance degrees, add a loop pedal and a dash of Ed Sheeran, and you have Rob Landes. Rob Landes has stretched the boundaries on the violin with his loop pedal and complex arrangements of the most popular songs in music. With nearly 30 million views on his YouTube Channel, Rob has opened for T Pain, Rachel Platten, American Authors, Jason DeRulo, and David Archuleta, while also having performed at New York Fashion Week, Carnegie Hall, the Sundance Film Festival, and toured throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Visit Rob Landes on YouTube.

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Rogers Family

The Rogers Family specializes in creating unique piano covers of popular songs by playing in various creative ways. Their intricate arrangements often combine two songs together, weaving melodies and motifs from both songs into a seamless mashup. Comprised of twins, triplets, a younger brother, and sister, they are constantly exploring new sounds and redefining what it means to play the piano. Visit Rogers Family on YouTube.

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Rousseau is a fast-growing YouTube channel creating LED-piano performances of classical repertoire and pop-song covers. Collecting millions of views in only a few months, Rousseau is dedicated to writing high quality you’re sure to enjoy playing. Visit Rousseau on YouTube.

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Rudi Colombi

Rudi Colombi is an Italian acoustic guitarist who specializes in fingerpicking technique. He makes fingerstyle arrangements of famous songs, publishing them on his YouTube channel, and he is always looking for new challenges and collaborations. Visit Rudi Colombi on YouTube.

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Salome Scheidegger

Salome Scheidegger is a Japan-born Swiss pianist, arranger and composer based in NYC. Rooted in classical music, she has been focusing on music from video games and Japanese anime since 2013, and has toured and performed on concert stages worldwide as a soloist as well as with bands and orchestras. Visit Salome Scheidegger on YouTube.

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Samuel Carpenter

Samuel Carpenter is a young, enthusiastic and talented pianist from Britain. In 2017 he started his YouTube Channel, uploading his original arrangements of pop songs with technical flair and a unique twist. Visit Samuel Carpenter on YouTube.

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Samuel Fu

Samuel Fu is a young composer and arranger from Malaysia. His YouTube channel features piano covers of popular scores from movies, television shows, and video games. Visit Samuel Fu on YouTube.

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Samuel Kim

Samuel Kim is a Korean-Canadian Film and TV composer and Sound Designer. He is fluent in the diverse musical languages and is also a versatile multi-instrumentalist. He is now a prolific film composer and sound designer, residing in Vancouver. Visit Samuel Kim on YouTube.

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Samuel Ramos

Samuel Ramos is a young pianist from Canada. Being a multi-instrumentalist, he focuses his Youtube Channel more on his piano covers from movie scores and pop songs. His channel, now with up to 10 million views, features music tutorials, arrangement for piano solos, arrangements for piano and cello duets and videos that feature music paired with cinematic story telling. Visit Samuel Ramos on YouTube.

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Sangah Noona

Sangah Noona is a pianist who commands respect from many genres of music with her own unique improvisation skills. She has more than sixty-four Beatles covers on her YouTube channel, which is growing rapidly since her 2-5-1 explanation video went viral. Visit Sangah Noona on YouTube.

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Scott Sutherland

A life-long resident of Southern California, tuba player Scott Sutherland has been spotted in the back row of the Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic and San Diego Symphony. He has recorded for film, television and video game soundtracks, toured around the world as a founding member of Presidio Brass and has seen Star Wars (the greatest movie EVER) more than 1,000 times. Scott Sutherland is proud to be an Artist and Clinician for the Eastman Music Company. Visit Scott Sutherland on YouTube.

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Sefa Emre ilikli

Sefa Emre İlikli is a violinist from Istanbul, Turkey. He has been playing violin since high school, and he is passionate about encouraging others to learn to play the music they love no matter their age. With an eclectic taste in music, he covers music from across genres and cultures. His only requirement is that the music communicates honest feelings that inspires others to play. Visit Sefa Emre ilikli on YouTube.

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Seth Wilkins

Seth Wilkins is a classical guitarist from Massachusetts who arranges songs from TV shows, movies, and video games. Check out some of his work below. Visit Seth Wilkins on YouTube.

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Sheet Music Boss

Sheet Music Boss is a fast-growing YouTube channel releasing the highest quality piano tutorials every day. The channel is headed by two professional musicians with years of experience in music composition and arranging: Samuel Dickenson and Andrew Wrangell. Sheet Music Boss is excited to bring you the best tutorials and most accurate sheets, right here on Musicnotes! Visit Sheet Music Boss on YouTube.

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Silvio Caroli

Silvio Caroli, born in 1986, is a pianist, composer and educator originally from Italy. He began studying classical piano at the age of eleven and went on to major in piano at the Conservatory of Lecce, graduating with full marks in 2005. Silvio specializes in many styles of piano and has received numerous prizes at national piano competitions. After falling in love with jazz and improvisation when he was nineteen, he attended Lecce State Conservatory on a full jazz scholarship in 2012. In addition to being a skillful musician, Silvio has expertise in business. He graduated with first class honours (110/110 cum laude) in Economics and Finance from the University of Salento in 2013. Silvio is also a music teacher with many years of experience, whose students range in age from 5 to 60 plus. He encourages music study not only for performance success, but also for personal development. Visit Silvio Caroli on YouTube.

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Simon Csokan

Simon Csokan is a musician from Germany with instrumental abilities spanning the piano, accordion and saxophone. Simon specializes in classical music but also performs jazz and modern pop songs. He arranges sheet music for solo piano, big band, and even string orchestras. Visit Simon Csokan on YouTube.

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Simon Streuff

Simon Streuff is a violinist, violin teacher, and guitarist from Germany. He brings his classical music influence into his arrangements of rock and popular music and performs the arrangements on his YouTube channel. He also produces educational content about violin playing. Visit Simon Streuff on YouTube.

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Simply Three

This string trio, consisting of a violin, cello, and double bass, have captivated audiences around the world with their new school take on classical crossover. Simply Three creates original works as well as covers popular arrangements spanning from Puccini to Adele with great recognition. Visit Simply Three on YouTube.

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We are sing2music! Our piano accompaniments put the classy and sparkle into your covers. Our intuitive, musically sensitive and emotive arrangements are designed to take your audience along on a musical journey. It’s singer's dream! Join the droves of vocalists and budding artists around the globe that use sing2piano, and start singing. Visit Sing2Piano on YouTube.

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Six String Country aims to provide the best online country, blues, and southern rock guitar lessons in the world. Hundreds and hundreds of song-specific lessons come complete with all of the resources you need to succeed. The program also features many complete guitar courses covering everything from the basic fundamentals, to chicken pickin', to some of the most advanced fingerstyle guitar masterclasses on the internet Visit Six String Country on YouTube.

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Six String Fingerpicking

Chris Murrin is a guitarist, songwriter and educator who has devoted his life to the art of fingerstyle guitar. In 2017 he decided to help guitarists the world over by launching Six String Fingerpicking, a website and YouTube community that has helped thousands of people to improve their playing. Visit Six String Fingerpicking on YouTube.

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Sky Guitar

SkyGuitar runs a youtube channel of guitar lessons. We have great guitar tabs and arrangements for guitar players of every skill levels from beginner to expert. Since theses arrangements are done by our team leader who is a professional guitarists and a conductor of classical guitar orchestra, we have solid confidence on the quality of out guitar tabs and arrangements assuring that most guitar players will love. Enjoy playing with SkyGuitar. Visit Sky Guitar on YouTube.

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Smart Game Piano

Do you love video game music? Would you like to increase your progress at the piano? Then check out SmartGamePiano to accelerate your progress at the piano. SmartGamePiano’s mission is to help people become the creative force in a world that encourages us to be lazy and complacent. We’re fighting back by getting everyone to play the piano and help them to become mentally strong. You’re just one click away from getting access to hundreds of free piano tutorials for Video Game & Anime Tunes. Visit Smart Game Piano on YouTube.

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Sorelli Ensemble

Julia Rogers is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Classically trained, she now runs the Sorelli Ensemble with her colleague and fellow cellist, Sara Lane Rees, a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music. Julia has taken it upon herself to expand on the limited availability of violin & cello repertoire and specialises in arranging virtuosic arrangements of pop songs and film scores for violin & cello duos. Visit Sorelli Ensemble on YouTube.

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Speedy Keys

Speedy Keys makes solo piano arrangements of your favorite new and modern pop songs! A small team of music teachers and performers, the sheet music keeps several goals in mind, primarily to maintain the integrity of the original song by matching the song's vibe and texture. Additionally, we create appropriately challenging music for the intermediate player who may not sightread the arrangement perfectly, but will be able to make significant progress with each practice session. Lastly, we ensure that the music lies comfortably on the piano to facilitate proper playing technique when practicing and performing Visit Speedy Keys on YouTube.

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Stefan Wyatt

Stefan is an a cappella multi-track artist, creating and publishing unique arrangements of popular hits to YouTube. He records all of his arrangements by himself and with the help of other YouTubers. He writes for male, female, and mixed ensembles. His arrangements have reached vocal groups and choirs all around the world, encouraging him to create more varied and experimental interpretations of the best loved hits. Visit Stefan Wyatt on YouTube.

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Steve Kennedy

Steven Kennedy is a New Orleans-based classically trained guitarist and music educator. Steven made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2006 and while not performing is an avid composer; having provided music for numerous films and television shows. Visit Steve Kennedy on YouTube.

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Steve Tirpak

Steve Tirpak has worked for a host of famous names in the music industry, having first enjoyed success as a session musician for many grammy award winning recording artists in the R&B, pop, gospel and hip-hop genres. This lead to playing both trumpet and trombone while touring with John Legend in front of a wide range of audiences, from intimate TV sets to huge festivals drawing upwards to 100,000 people. Steve entered the world of composing and arranging as a copyist for famed string arranger and mentor Larry Gold. He soon began working on several A list projects with musical director Adam Blackstone, scoring for full orchestra on Jay-Z’s premier benefit concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as for big band on HBO’s Bessie, staring Queen Latifah. He’s also performed with the BBE All-Star band on VH1’s Dear Mama Awards, The BET Honors Awards Show and for Smoky Robinson’s induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Visit Steve Tirpak on YouTube.

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Steven Law

Steven Law became the first artist to represent Lakewood Guitars in Hong Kong. His regular activities include giving concerts and masterclasses, judging competitions, representing Trinity Examinations, and making TV appearances. Visit Steven Law on YouTube.

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Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung is a world renowned South Korean acoustic fingerstyle guitarist who specializes in unique covers and arrangements of popular music. He also publishes original music. His YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers. Visit Sungha Jung on YouTube.

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As "Supernova1604", I produce piano covers and tutorials on YouTube. I am a German media student and an avid pianist. After learning the basics with a professional teacher, I taught myself playing the piano by ear and began to cover several songs and soundtracks. Visit Supernova1604 on YouTube.

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Taylor Davis

It's hard to imagine that a girl growing up with a love for video games and an early interest in the violin would ultimately turn into the global crossover sensation artist that is Taylor Davis. A self-admitted proud nerd, her original compositions and unique arrangements of many of gaming, anime, and film’s most iconic soundtracks have been viewed over 300 million times by her audience of over 2 million YouTube subscribers. Davis continuously aims to inspire and uplift her audience in a positive way through her music and videos. Visit Taylor Davis on YouTube.

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The Accompanist

The Accompanist was launched in 2013 as a series of digital albums of piano accompaniments for musical theatre songs played by UK composer and arranger Tim J Spencer. As a result of the interest in the these albums Tim started a YouTube channel for the arrangements in 2018 and now alongside the albums creates YouTube videos with new piano accompaniments of old and new Musical Theatre songs, as well as the occasional foray into Pop music. Visit The Accompanist on YouTube.

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The Hound + The Fox

We are a married duo from Southern Oregon, doing what we love most, making music! Our passion is to take songs we all know and love and give them new life with some unique two-part harmony, fresh instrumentation, and folky vibes. Visit The Hound + The Fox on YouTube.

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The Ivory Cat

A classically trained pianist and composer from Canada, who transcribes and arranges music from popular artists, films, and video games for piano. His meticulous arrangements strive to capture fine details and nuances of the original versions, while still being very idiomatic to the piano. The Ivory Cat also performs a variety of classical and jazz repertoire, from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, to Vince Guaraldi and Oscar Peterson. Visit The Ivory Cat on YouTube.

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The Theorist

The Theorist is a music producer, composer, songwriter and performer from the city of Toronto that has grown to reach fans and stages across the world. Visit The Theorist on YouTube.

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Theodore is a Romanian singer, pianist, composer and string quartet arranger. He has toured all over Europe, UK, and the USA as a pianist, drummer, and singer, along with composing his own albums. Check out his YouTube channel</a> for videos of his mesmerizing string quartet arrangements. Visit Theodore on YouTube.

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Theory Notes

Theory Notes is an in-depth piano tutorial channel that provides lessons & sheet music for today's hit artists on the top 40 charts and more! They make learning piano accessible, with easy to learn arrangements for musicians at any level. Visit Theory Notes on YouTube.

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Thomas Englmann

The studied saxophonist Thomas Englmann is one of the most extraordinary and best event saxophonists in Germany and has e.g. played for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin, for Dachser SE Logistics and many other companies and private events. He also has decades of teaching experience and regularly publishes saxophone youtube videos of the most successful pop titles. World-famous artists like Calvin Harris, Lewis Capaldi or 5 seconds of summer have already reposted and commented on his youtube videos. Visit Thomas Englmann on YouTube.

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Tina Guo

Tina is an internationally acclaimed and Grammy-nominated virtuoso acoustic/electric cellist, recording artist, and composer. She can be heard as a featured soloist in many Blockbuster Film, Television, and Game scores, including Wonder Woman, Iron Man 2, Inception, Dunkirk, CSI:NY, Vikings, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, League of Legends, Diablo III, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II and III. Visit Tina Guo on YouTube.

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Toby Jacobs

Toby Jacobs is a Belgian pianist from Antwerp. He writes original music and creates arrangements of well-known songs for piano. Visit Toby Jacobs on YouTube.

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Toms Mucenieks

Pianist Toms Mucenieks arranges and composes original piano covers of popular hits as well as the classics. His YouTube channel features compositions for every skill level, with some videos offering a tutorial of how to play the song. Mucenieks' channel has gained over 85,000 subscribers and over 30 million video views. Visit Toms Mucenieks on YouTube.

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Trinthepianist is a Spanish classically trained pianist, arranger and teacher. His Youtube channel boasts more than 180k subs and 25 million views and features covers and tutorials of different styles and difficulties. Visit Trinthepianist on YouTube.

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Trumpet Guy

Brandon Clark, aka Trumpet Guy, is a musician and arranger who specializes in popular song covers, movie themes, and lessons for the trumpet. Visit Trumpet Guy on YouTube.

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TutorialsByHugo offers piano tutorials of varying difficulties to a wide audience of viewers and musicians alike. Swedish pianist and composer Hugo Sellerberg is the talent behind the screen. Visit TutorialsByHugo on YouTube.

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Universal Piano

Simple Piano is a YouTube channel that teaches musicians how to play a wide variety of songs, ranging from Bieber to Beethoven. The classically trained pianist behind the channel creates piano video covers of popular songs and is designed to prove that anyone can learn any piece on the piano, regardless of age or level. Visit Universal Piano on YouTube.

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Varyk is a YouTube channel creating a broad range of piano performance videos. This professional pianist is dedicated to writing and performing high quality interpretations of all kinds of music, including classical, popular, movie and video game music. Visit Varyk on YouTube. Visit Varyk on YouTube.

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Vienna Piano Club

The Vienna Piano Club is an online club founded by the pianist and composer Bernhard Jan. It provides piano arrangements and online classes for pianists of all levels. The club is based in Vienna, Austria. Visit Vienna Piano Club on YouTube.

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Davor Jelacic & Rebeca "Becky" Sánchez are VioDance, a duo of DJ/producer and a classically trained violinist, also multi-instrumentalist. In Spain, where they reside, they record violin covers in their home studio, and shoot original music videos of songs from all kinds of genres (classical crossover, electronica, pop, video games and movie soundtracks... you name it!), combining multiple instruments in their music and putting their own spin on the composers work, while making it their own. Visit Viodance on YouTube.

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When his dream of becoming a virtuoso violinist was taken from him aged 17, ViolinAround couldn't imagine still having a career performing as a soloist. However, having recovered from his tendonitis, ViolinAround now wants to inspire violinists around the world with his original compositions and unique arrangements of popular songs. He now plays all around the UK at weddings and events as well as sharing his performances with his growing Youtube audience. Visit ViolinAround on YouTube.

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Violinspiration is the YouTube channel of Julia Termeer, an online violin teacher & author of the Amazon bestseller “The Ultimate Book for Violin Beginners”. She shares easy violin tutorials, sheet music and inspiration to help people all across the world to learn to play the violin with joy. Visit Violinspiration on YouTube.

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Vika, the musician behind the channel vkgoeswild, has been studying classical piano since the age of 4. An award-winning pianist with appearances in multiple orchestras across the Ukraine, now you too can play her magical covers. Visit vkgoeswild on YouTube.

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Vladimir Tervo

Vladimir Tervo is a classical guitarist and arranger of classic, folk and popular music. He specializes in teaching classical guitar at music schools. His fantastic arrangements at different levels of difficulty both for solo and ensembles are highly appreciated by his students. Visit Vladimir Tervo on YouTube.

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Walter Rodrigues Jr

Originally from Brazil, Walter Rodrigues Jr. is a jazz fingerstyle player, arranger, composer, author and music educator. With over 80K subscribers, his YouTube channel has become a reference for solo jazz guitar arrangements. Walter’s ability to reinterpret familiar songs and give them interest with his unique and tasteful style, has garnered world-wide appreciation for his creative approach Visit Walter Rodrigues Jr on YouTube.

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Wei Nin

Wei Nin is a violinist from Taiwan, been learning classical violin since childhood. In addition to her love for classical music, she's also passionate about pop music. In 2015, Wei Nin launched her YouTube channel, with over 300 different styles of pop music covers, nearly 5,000 subscribtion, and still counting. Wei Nin would like to share the sparks between pop music and classical violin, break the line between classical and pop musics, and strive to share the beauty of these music genre. Visit Wei Nin on YouTube.

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Welder Dias

Welder Dias is a pianist and composer who produces covers of popular songs, Christian songs, original compositions and creative music content. His real time piano performances blended with Synthesia overlays have made for visually stunning videos that have attracted millions of views. Visit Welder Dias on YouTube.

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Will Taylor

Will Taylor is a jazz string musician, composer and arranger that has worked with Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson, Turtle Island String Quartet, Shawn Colvin and many others. His group Strings Attached plays tribute shows in Austin to icons like the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Police. He enjoys giving back to the Austin music community by playing for elders in memory care facilities with his Strings Attached Cares program. You can visit him at or Visit Will Taylor on YouTube.

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William Baldwin

William Baldwin is a retired music teacher in the Rochester, NY area. Bill used to write popular “tunes of the week” for his students in order to motivate them to play. Now, he is excited about the opportunity to share them with the world through Stop reading this and go play your horn ! Visit William Baldwin on YouTube.

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William Haviland

William Haviland is a classically trained pianist from London, U.K., currently living in South Korea. He commenced formal musical training aged six, and developed an enduring obsession with the piano soon after. A King's College London graduate, William has been teaching, writing, and recording for a number of years. His main interests are popular music covers, and classical re-imaginings for solo piano. He also composes new material for the instrument. He has a growing YouTube presence, where he enjoys sharing his unique interpretations of mainly 20th century hits with a wide audience. Visit William Haviland on YouTube.

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William Joseph

William Joseph is a pianist, composer, and remarkable performer from Phoenix, Arizona. His classical pop style has earned this young performer a legion of fans who appreciate the artist’s polish as well as the crowd-pleasing energy he brings to his live performances.</p> <p>He has toured with Josh Groban and Il Divo, and has performed with Barbara Streisand, Natalie Cole, Kenny G, John Mayer, David Foster, and Alicia Keys. Passionate about connecting audiences to the music he performs, William hopes to bring as many people along as he can in his exciting and promising musical journey. Visit William Joseph on YouTube.

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Wolfgang Vrecun

Wolfgang Vrecun is an Austrian teacher specializing in math, PE and guitar music. His famed classical guitar arrangement videos are watched by millions of fans on YouTube. Wolfgang's instruments include classical guitars built by Simon Marty and Philip Woodfield. Visit Wolfgang Vrecun on YouTube.

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Working with Lemons

We are a group of family and friends that love making videos! Our motto is when life gives you lemons make movies, hence the name Working with Lemons. We simply work with what we got to make something awesome! Visit Working with Lemons on YouTube.

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Yannick Streibert

Yannick Streibert is a pianist based in Germany who composes new and exciting arrangements of popular music. Though his YouTube channel features a bit of everything, he is especially dedicated to piano covers of Metal and Rock songs. Yannick has currently earned nearly 400,000 views and the numbers are climbing! Visit Yannick Streibert on YouTube.

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Yaroslav Oliinyk

Yaroslav Oliinyk is an Ukranian composer, virtuoso pianist, arranger, innovator in the symphonic rock genre and laureate of the international piano contests in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Ukraine. He Creates original music, performing in many European countries with concerts. He also creates covers with his own unique arrangements. All of his piano covers, on which you find sheet music, are available on the Yaroslav Oliinyk YouTube channel. Visit Yaroslav Oliinyk on YouTube.

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Yenne Lee

Yenne Lee is a classically trained guitarist who composes and arranges unique covers of popular songs. Through these covers, she hopes to make the classical guitar instrument more accessible to the public. Visit Yenne Lee on YouTube.

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''I am a pianist, keyboard player, arranger, composer, musician, producer and piano teacher from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. These skills come together in my passion for creating creative concepts and connecting with people. With my piano tutorials I aim to reach a broad audience and provide them with an accessible and lively musical experience. My channel caters to everyone and includes various music genres.'' Visit YonoPianoTutorials on YouTube.

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Yotam Cohen

Yotam Cohen is a pianist, piano teacher and composer of original Ragtime pieces in the spirit of the early 20th century. Having perfect pitch and the ability to play whatever he can hear, Yotam also creates arrangements of popular songs and soundtracks with great attention to detail. Visit Yotam Cohen on YouTube.

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YoungMin You

YoungMin You is a pianist and composer who produces covers, original compositions and creative musical content. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, he is now based in Michigan, USA. He composes for various ensembles and individual clients, and since 2017, he's been building an online presence through piano. His claim to fame is his Piano Notecard Improv featuring 10 famous pop tunes, collecting over 15 million views. Visit YoungMin You on YouTube.

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YourPianoCover is a YouTube channel featuring piano compositions and arrangements of popular songs. The musician behind the screen, Holm, aims to create songs that are overall easy to play while also being fun and challenging at the same time. Visit YourPianoCover on YouTube.

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Zach Heyde

Zach Heyde is a composer, copyist, and pianist based in Los Angeles. Along with writing original music for Marvel Ultimate, Saving Throw, and other web series, Zach is co-creator of Frank & Zach Piano Duets on YouTube, arranging music from games and films actively for solo and four-hand piano. Zach’s arrangements are often intimate and expressive, focused on subtlety and storytelling. Visit Zach Heyde on YouTube.

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