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New Age Piano Sheet Music

At Musicnotes, we are committed to offering the best new age sheet music for you to download and learn. Learning to play new age music can be an enjoyable experience with Musicnotes digital downloads.

Our extensive catalog offers new age songs like: Song From a Secret Garden, Blessings, Remembrance, River Flows in You, Experience, and Kiss the Rain.

We also offer many of the popular new age piano songs and Collections for those wanting to learn songs to play on their piano or keyboard. All you have to do is download the Musicnotes App. It is free for all platforms and will help you organize your sheet music arrangements for easy access whether you are at home or on the go.


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If you're a fan of new age music, you probably don't need to be told how difficult it can be to find sheet music for a particular artist. One problem is that often new age musicians simply don't get the type of media exposure that other musicians have. Another issue is that finding arrangements by a wide variety of new age or contemporary classical artists in one central location can prove tricky.

Digital sheet music has made new age music much more accessible. If you're looking for music by a particular artist, or for a particular song, makes it easy for you to find what the perfect arrangement. All you need to do is search song titles and artist names to find the sheet music you want. Not only that, but once you find your sheet music, you can download and print it instantaneously, removing the need for and expense of shipping.

You can even search for song arrangements for a particular instrument. Simply select your instrument from the preferred instrument menu to automatically refine your search. You also get additional drop-down menu options when entering your search terms to narrow your search results even further. Digital sheet music is in fact superior to conventional sheet music in many other ways. Every digital sheet music piece is professionally arranged, well laid out, very easy to read, and contains all the necessary notations regarding expression, free key transpositions when applicable, and other essentials.

There is another huge advantage when downloading digital sheet music – This sheet music is priced considerably cheaper, and you have full control over your spending and choice of purchases. You can buy whole volumes of music by a particular artist, or purchase individual songs according to your preferences. To access your new music, all you need to do is select your piece, pay with your credit card or PayPal, and download. If you need assistance with product selection or with finding a particular song, we're here to help.