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(Sea Shanty)

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Poor writing

3/13/2021 5:01:41 PM

Ok the overall melody and idea is really good. I have a big problem with your crossing of hands. I understand the first cross cause it makes sense because the left hand switches between treble and bass while the right hand keeps the melody. My issue is the other 2 crosses of the hands it doesnt make sense. yes it looks cooler to others but there is no reason for it. It is way easier to have the melody switch to the left hand. I actually brought the pdf of the music into adobe illustrator so i could edit the pdf to switch the staffs. Other than this clear oversight and not really thinking of how to play this, this score is really good. I know I saw your youtube video and I know it can be done to just cross your hands for all the sections it just doesnt make sense though. if I wanted to play maple leaf rag with the staffs switched I could do it, there just is no reason other than making the song look way harder and challenging your brain to reverse process the music.

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Showing 1-1 of 1 Reviews