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Arranging big band swing for a flute ensemble

3/25/2013 5:10:51 PM

Hi Im Mike, Im an English Composer, I mainly write music with the British Military Fife and Drum Corps who are responsible for guarding Royal households etc in the UK and now have helped form an ex Military flute ensemble called The Veterans Flute Ensemble, we play quite a diverse selection of music, from classical, Latin American Tangos, Rumbas etc, Polkas, Waltz, two steps and now swing, I couldnt resist it! we play very close harmony with the different sized flutes we have, but manage to play 12 parts including percussion per piece, although I have to arrange the parts with different notation values for every one to read with our style of musical instrument we manage to keep to the same tempo and rhythm in 4/4 or 8 8th notes or quavers to the bar going through out the piece, this site has to be the finest site Ive found to date with accuracy in mind with the styles I am liking at present, we have a library with pieces dating back some two hundred years or so and have found that some big band conductors have arranged their tunes from existing Military marching fife and drum pieces that were originally wrote around the turn of the 20th Century, Glen Miller arranged a tune called American Patrol from a piece called Our Blue Jackets originally wrote by F.W.Meacham but irrespective of who composed what they all have a marching or swing style to their pieces like I do which make these parts the scores from this site all that more interesting to say the least.

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Showing 1-3 of 3 Reviews