Musicnotes Viewer+: List of Changes by Version Install Flash  

What’s new with Viewer+?

Viewer+ is Musicnotes’ application for viewing Musicnotes digital sheet music in your browser via Adobe® Flash® Player.
If you have Flash, you won't need to install any other software to view, print or hear your sheet music!
(Flash version 11.1 or newer recommended.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.26

  • Workaround for issue where Flash mis-reports string sizes. Should help with composer names smooshing together.
  • Fix for issue on Chorme for Mac, where it would only print first page.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.25

  • Returns more specific print confirmation, without revealing any additional data.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.24

  • Multiprint aware: takes number of copies to print from Javascript.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.23

  • Improved ioError handling
    • Reports appearing onscreen notation area are removed when a new piece is loaded.
    • Confirmation IO:
        is attempted a 2nd time before reporting an error,
        and error reports never overwrite notation.
  • Play now always ends when existing full-screen mode.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Pieces with optional fade-outs that never reached their ends failed to load. This has been corrected.
    • Chrome 11.5 needs to have centering adjusted even farther.
    • Fixed bug where clicking top left print button always printed original transposition.
    • If going into full-screen mode turns out to be impossible, the full screen button will now remove itself.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.22

  • New "pend" mode for printing
    • Makes it more feasible look through music and start a print session only when ready.
    • Will be used in a new Print Center page that will allow choosing transpositions more dynamically.
  • Bug Fixes
    • In Chrome browser, will no longer show "nothing to print" if retrying printing after a cancellation.
    • Workaround for browsers that didn't show failure conditions properly.
    • Will now report any minor problem in loading sheet music, but will still continue.
    • Fix for clicking the mouse on either side of page to turn it.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.20

  • Version 1.20 lights noteheads as they play
    • There's a new persistent choice at the top of the Play setup to choose the color. The default is red.
    • Unlike Musicnotes Player, lyrics and chord symbols do not light.
    • The word Listen has been changed to Play on the toolbar and popup menu.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Titles and such were still overprinting in Chrome for Windows in full screen mode.
    • Font scaling to fix overprinting in Chrome, no longer happens in other browsers, to place words more precisely.
    • The page turn icon didn't always appear initially at top right if the view was full page.
    • The playing icons in the toolbar reverted to "not playing" when switching between normal and full screen view while playing or paused.
    • Clicking the play buttons while Viewer+ had keyboard focus caused it to lose that focus

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.14

  • Version 1.14 concentrates on support and works-around for printing in Chrome browser rev 21.0 on Windows
    • Fix for bug in Chrome 21 where titles and other larger text overprint themselves
    • Fix for problem where only title page prints on first try
    • New print Setup tab for Chrome to undo any of:
      • Optional extra dialog to ask if you cancelled print
      • Printed notation expanded and positioned to counteract Chrome's small print space
      • Force top title (or part name) to move down at least to within this repositioned area
  • New option on Page tab, to move top title down a given amount, available to all browsers

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.13

  • Viewer+ now turns pages while it's playing, in time with the music:
    • following the repeat structure, if any.
    • If a whole page doesn't fit, it scrolls through the page as well.
  • Persistent Page Turning options have been added.
    • The Playback options (the wrench icon on the right side of the tool bar) have been divided into 3 tabs to encompass the additional options in less space:
      1. Playback
      2. Guitar Chords
      3. Page Turning
      The Page Turning tab contains the newer options, of course.
    • The new options are:
      • Fit view: There are three possible page turning views. If you don't specify your preference, Viewer+ will try to pick an appropriate one for the available space. The choices are:
        1. Fit System Width: This fits the view closely around individual "systems"" of music, similar to what Musicnotes Player usually does.
        2. Fit Playing Page: This shows entire pages at once, possibly with smaller notation in order to fit the page in.
        3. 2 Pages Up: For hi-res wide screens, this shows two pages, sided by side.
      • Zoom In: This option is checked by default. It means that the view will zoom in to make the notation as large as possible. If you uncheck this, it will not zoom in, but it may still zoom out if it needs to so that you can see all the notation.
      • Skip starting zoom: When you start to play, if you're already viewing the first page, Viewer+ will ll animate moving and zooming into the start position. This makes it easier to see what's going on, and takes less than a second. If you don't want it to take this time, you can check this "Skip starting zoom" choice.
      • Extra margin: When zooming in, Viewer+ adds a tiny bit of extra space to the sides. You can use the "Extra margin" choice to increase or decrease that extra space in "points" which are about 1/72 of an inch.
      • Turn page early: Most performers read a little ahead, and want the page to turn a bit early. Viewer+ turns (or moves) the page view 1 quarter-note early. You can increase that, or reduce it, by eighth-notes using this choice. If you choose less than 2 eight notes, the view will not scroll within the page but jump immediately to the new position, owing to time constraint.
  • In the "2 pages up" view, the pages turn so that the next page to read is the other one from the one you have been reading. If there are repeats, this may mean that odd and even numbered pages swap sides. For instance, if a piece has 5 pages and repeats once, the paging sequence might be like this:
    If you watch page numbers and find this confusing, consider choosing one of the other page views instead.
  • Page through without playing: There is a new button that may appear on the right hand side of the tool bar; it looks like a play triangle with a page turn arrow inside it. (The button will only appear if there's more than one page or the page doesn't fit neatly in the view.) Clicking this button will turn the pages as if you were playing, without playing back the music.
    • You can click the button again to turn to the next page.
    • Page turning will end when you click to turn on the last page.
    • You can end page turning early by clicking the stop button.
    • Page turning only goes forward from the beginning. To turn back, end the automatic page turning, and then turn back as you please.
    • If the Viewer+ is allowed to get Mouse clicks, you can also turn to the next page by clicking anywhere in the notation (not just on the right hand side).
    • If the Viewer+ is able to get keyboard focus, you can press either the space bar or the "Enter" key to turn the page. You can also use shift-Spacebar keyboard combination to enter or leave page turning.
  • Additions to the context popup menu: Flash gives you an options menu if you right-click the Viewer+ (supposing Viewer+ is allowed to get mouse clicks).
    • A new Toolbar on/off choice will add or remove the tool bar at the top of Viewer+
    • Zoom + and Zoom - replace Flash's normal zoom commands to zoom just the notation.
  • There is an now option for web designers to add a small "Full Screen view" button that appears on the top right of the page when there isn't any toolbar. This may be needful because it's impossible for Flash to enter full screen view except through direct user action.
  • Bug Fixes
    • There was a problem where audio would not play back for a few songs that had malformed tempo data, such as MN0041386 (Lavender's Blue) and MN0101375 (Weak). This is now corrected so that Viewer+ will try to figure out and appropriate tempo and play anyway.
    • Fixed a bug where changing the text on the print button through Javascript would also attempt to capture the keyboard focus, as if for a print session.
    • Fixed possible problem when loading different music into Viewer+ when the toolbar is on but the print buttons aren't showing.
    • Fixed obscure problem where notation might disappear when the View sized changed, in a situation where the scrollbars took up just enough space so the page wouldn't fit.
    • Fixed a similar problem where notation might disappear when the toolbar was removed.
    • Fixed a problem where toolbar might not correctly reset when playing completed.
    • Fixed a problem where an opaque black box might obscure a phrase of lyrics continuing through a bar line. Example songs: "Empire State of Mind" (MN009409), "Make Someone Happy".

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.12

An emergency hot fix for a delivery problem.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.11

  • More Button changes
    • Most button faces have been updated with little icons to be similar to the new button faces of Musicnotes Player. Rest your mouse over the buttons for a textual description.
    • The Fit Width button disappears if space is so narrow that it would really be the same as Fit Page. You will notice this in our product displays, which are relatively narrow.
    • There is a new fourth (or third) zoom button added, for Full Screen view:
  • Full Screen View expands the notation to occupy your entire screen
    • As Viewer+ enters full screen view, you'll see a quick notice that you can press the ESC key (near the top left of most keyboards) to exit back to normal view.
    • Also, the new Full Screen button will turn into an Exit Full Screen button with a yellow background so it's easier for you to find. You can click it again to return to normal view within your browser. Also, a second Exit Full Screen button appears on the right of the top toolbar, since many of us are trained to look for such a thing there.
    • The Fit Width button, if missing, may reappear in Full Screen if it would be useful there.
    • If the music you were viewing was a for-sale sample, an Add To Cart button is likely to appear. Clicking this will exit full screen and add that product to your Musicnotes shopping cart.
    • You can also go into and out of full screen by double-clicking the main music notation window. This still also toggles playback.
    • When Viewer+ has keyboard focus (usually it still doesn't) the "F" key no longer does Full page view: instead it enters Full screen. To zoom to fit All the page into the view, use the "A" key instead.
    • Web designers can choose to disable Full Screen and remove the button.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Scrollbars don't stop working if you cancel your print session.
    • If mouse interaction is enabled, you can flip to the next page by single-clicking the right side of the page of notation. You can flip back by clicking the left side.
    • If you try printing again, it'll default to the same number of copies, and not all those available.
    • If you press the minus key while the keyboard is focused on the page-turn gadget, the gadget gets hyphens in it. But at least those hyphens no longer have any effect.
    • When the piece ended playing, the current state didn't post PLAY_COMPLETE to Javascript, and the Start Play button didn't reappear. This has been corrected.
    • The javascript downloadAndPrint did not actually download a printable copy, unless a print session was called for. This has been corrected.
    • The Judges' copy count was causing problems for a very few customers. It has been temporarily removed.
    • The extreme right end of some text, especially Composers' names, would sometimes get clipped; for instance in All Your Life (MN0098129). It was a function of zoom and DPI. This should be a little better now.
    • Piano "Solos" that also had guitar chords (such as Game of Thrones (MN0100888)) would not play unless you disabled chords in the options. This has been fixed.
  • New HTML Flashvars parameters
    • AGT for a sales affiliate, which is not required
    • BAR=full to make the toolbar appear in full screen view only
    • CID for a customer ID, which is not required
    • CRT to add or remove the Add to Cart button
    • PLY to remove the play buttons, and even disable playing entirely
    • POP for the web site address, if not
    • ZUM to remove the zoom buttons from the toolbar
  • New Javascript facilities
    • Playing auto-stops before loading new music (but you no longer get a “complete” play state event after the load).
    • registerPlayOptions event for when playing options window pops up or down
    • registerFullScreen for when Viewer+ enters/exists full screen mode
    • setBar has new “full” option.
    • print(“new button name”) changes text on print button face.
    • setCrt(“y”) turns on/off the new Add to Cart button
    • setMat( “message”) sets or erases text that overprints the top left of the notation.
    • setZum removes Zoombuttons from the toolvar.
    • The play() command is deprecated and will be removed in rev 1.12. Use playCmd() instead.

Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.10

  • It can play the music:
    • It doesn't animate (yet); just plays.
    • Piano, Guitar and Voice supported; other instruments substituted.
    • A few playback options are available in a setup dialog.
    • You can also start or set up play from the background popup menu, if enabled.
    • You can also double/click to play/pause.
  • Key click response changes:
    (But key focus is currently inhibited in the cloud and product sample displays.)
    • The space bar also plays / pauses.
    • Changing pages other than by using the PgUp key, or Ctrl-End End, now goes to the top of the page, if previously not at the top of a page.
    • If key focus is enabled, key presses focused on the page turner that aren't editing the page number itself still work to play, etc.
    • The return, aka enter, key moves to the next page.
  • Other behavioral changes:
    • Setup dialog titles now say "Musicnotes Viewer+ rev. 1.10" instead of "Musicnotes".
    • Cart button no longer supported, although CRT still parsed for backward compatibility.
    • Increased minimum width for Musicnotes watermark to appear on upper bars.
    • Added /js=n to fix Opera browser crashing when printing purchased music with Javascript disabled.
    • Labels are removed from toolbar when space is tight.
    • The base swf file is named with the version number (as well as without it.)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bug where Musicnotes Editions revert to 200 copies on a print retry.
    • Fixed bug where Title Over Pages doesn't appear.
    • Fixed bug where Customer name sinks down a bit, when Title Over Pages is supposed to appear.
    • Increased minimum width for Musicnotes watermark to appear on upper bars.
    • Added /js=n to fixed download failure when printing purchased music in Opera browser with Javascript disabled.
    • Protected vs crash if stage is not available when asking for focus.
  • Printing change:
    • Don't print: from "show" on title page if exact show (or book or album) is in the subtitle already..
Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.05
  • Many internal changes to work with our new Cloud view
  • Error reporting:
    • If there's an ioError in downloading, the report will no longer say Problem reading sheet music
    • and instead of saying IOError it'll say Download IO error
Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.04
  • Printing:
    • If you experience any Flash Error #when printing, not just Error # 2057, and your Flash is version 10.0 or 10.1, you will see an alert advising you to upgrade — simply click "yes" to go to Adobe's Flash download page,
    • If we don't detect any problem, but you click "no - try later" on the confirmation popup, and you have Flash 10.0 or 10.1, you'll see a similar advisory. Just click No if you don't want to check for an upgrade.
    • Bug fix: but this won't happen if you have Flash 11
  • Scripting:
    • Javascript gets Kokopelli version when Ready
    • From Javascript you can make it show the title page as page 0
    • Javascript can get a callback when the page changes.
Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.03
  • Printing Bug Fixes:
    • When printing another copy of a sample, will no longer post "access denied" problem.
    • When printing samples, will not tot up additional copies on the bottom right of each page. Otherwise, keeps better count.
    • When printing title page, will not choke on multiple copyright statements, such as those in MN0074109 (The U.S. Armed Forces Medley).
    • Fix bug introduced in 1.02 that made it impossible to print individual pages of a multiple page piece.
    • Fix bug where trying again wouldn't.
  • Other Bug Fixes:
    • Will no longer choke on the Euro symbol (€) Unicode 0x20AC
    • May try to recover better from some other possible crashes.
  • New scripting interface.
Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.02
  • Printing:
    • Notation now renders in floating Points rather than int TWIPS. This may help the rare issue where large lyric font characters overprint the page.
    • During a purchased product printing session, if there is an error report from the delivery service, the problem report will start with: Delivery Service reported: so that it's clearer where the issue lies.
    • If there is an error report in the pringing process, the report will show the page number, followed by the area of program processing where the problem seemed to occur.
    • A rare bug was fixed, where one line might print much too wide narrow onscreen.
    • Dotted bar lines, and the like, were not relocating properly if the page positioning were overridden in print setup. This has been fixed.
    • The Flash Error # 2057, flagged when printing, can often be fixed by upgrading to a later version of Flash. Now if an error 2057 occurs, and your Flash is version 10.0 or 10.1, you will see an alert advising you to upgrade — simply click "yes" to go to Adobe's Flash download page,
    • There had been no real feed back when printing something like a sample product outside of the delivery print process: now you will at least get an alert if something goes awry.
    • If product metadata have no copyright statement and no title, the title page will no longer print.
  • Title Page:
    • The title page now centers more properly.
    • The ownership line on the title page has been moved up to avoid possible crashes into the rights paragraph for some printers.
    • The bottom line of the rights paragraps was getting cut off. Now it'll all appear, and format into a nicer box, too.
    • In the ownership line on the title page and also in the footer of every page, the boldface name aligns more evenly with the other text.
  • Interface:
    • The zoom slider was moved up 1 pixel, so that the mouse cursor will properly change by the time it gets up there when moving up from the notation canvas. The zoom slider mouse cursor will now be a pointing hand, like the buttons.
    • The Bottom min points slider in the Setup Format tab was letting you to set a minimum lower than is allowed, which could cause problems later. Now it enforces the true minimum minimum of 1/8".
Changes in Musicnotes Viewer+ Version 1.01
  • Main View:
    • Version # now appears at top right of toolbar when loading or printing
    • Buttons in Print setup and top toolbar will use Helvetica if Arial font unavailable
    • Viewer+ does not show setup dialog if it wouldn't fit. There was a bug where it would show the dialog, even though it didn't fit, because it wasn't taking the space needed for the TAB bar in the setup dialog into account. That has been fixed. Kokopelli will require extra space if there is more than 1 page or 1 copy to print (so that the tab bar shows up.)
  • Print Setup:
    • A new minimum bottom margin selection appears in Format tab as Bottom: ## min points. It moves the bottom margin higher when print drivers report a larger printable area than the printer actually has. It defaults to 1/3" and can go no lower than 1/8".
    • Vertical scrollbar no longer appears in Print Setup Format tab on Macs.
    • Color button moved higher and to the left, so it has more space to open into.
    • DPI label nudged down a trifle to be level with Color.
    • Fixed bug where, if you select certain pages, then tried to print again, your selected pages are still there, but the "all pages" radio button was selected.
  • Behavior:
    • Fixed a bug where Applying setup could cause toolbar to revert.
    • Fixed bug where settings that should have saved were not persisted when you clicked the Print button (owing to last minute change to Apply button in version 1.0)
    • Mouse turns to hand with pointed finger when hovering over buttons. Mouse turns to arrow (instead of default) in some other cases. This is to work around a bug with Flash on Mac OS 10.7, where the mouse cursor can get stuck as something else. It helps, but still isn't perfect.
    • New interface makes it possible to build alternate toolbar in HTML and Javascript.
    • Fix for obscure bug where a system error on your own computer would not be reported as such
  • Printing:
    • Licensed to text follows new minimum margin setting
    • Fixed bug where Flash's BgColor could get printed along edges of paper when printing samples of music.
    • Fixed bug where background "paper" color might disappear if printing failed. (Not sure this ever happened.)
    • Do logo on left moved down closer to bottom of each page.